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  • Thanks! I do like the sound of those Christmas markets. And good to have a climate guide.
  • Hi, I am wondering if the situation in Myanmar has improved since the comments above? I hear it's a great tourist destination but then there are still human rights horror stories in the news. The country is now democratic though right? Are there sti…
  • Thanks Alethia! The shoulder seasons do sound a bit more appealing.
  • Just found this thread - very exciting! The suggestions above are useful, but to be more specific, can anybody recommend a Bahamas resort which is good for peace and relaxation? Not necessarily a luxury resort, but don't want one swamped by crowds o…
  • The link you just referred me to is great! Exactly the kind of thing I wanted.
  • Thanks again Alethia, I'll check that out. I mean no disrespect to the official sites - as I said I use them myself - I just meant that I am keen to supplement the official alerts with on-the-ground info of a more personal nature. That's why I poste…
  • Thanks for that Alethia. I have looked at these sorts of sites and they are very useful, but they always come off sounding kinda alarmist just because they have to be so cautious about all the warnings etc. I was hoping somebody with personal experi…
  • I'm sure by now Amber has found her way between Cambodia and Laos, but for future reference it is easy to take a boat across from Cambodia to the very popular Si Phan Don islands in Laos and you can get a visa at the border (although it is always be…
  • Hi Mike, Laos is amazing! It's sleepier and more laid-back than the rest of Southeast Asia (or the parts of it I've experienced) and if you want to avoid the package tour types I think its the best option. Luang Prabang is a UNESCO-listed heritage c…
  • For all of you that are looking into visas for Croatia check out this simple guide to Croatia Visas. Hope that helps! When it comes to visa queries its always safest to just contact the embassy directly.