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  • Hi David

    I directly contacted the gibraltar border post and they are part of the UK. You can see this on any website such as Wikipedia. They even have "God save the Queen" as their Royal anthem and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of st…
  • She can go to the Spanish Embassy in the UK where she is currently staying and apply for the visa with an Indian passport. There is no need to go through the Spanish Embassy in India.
  • Hi Khusroo

    1. Gibraltar is part of the UK, and your mother has got a visa for the UK, therefore you can go there today if you like.
    2. To get to Gibraltar, you will travel through Spain, leaving the UK, going into the Schengen (Eu…
  • She already has the visa for Gibraltar and for the Schengen one, you can go to any Spanish Embassy in the UK, even if you have a non-UK passport.
  • Hi
    It is important to note that Gibraltar is under British jurisdiction and is not part of the EU (Schengen). For Gibraltar your mother and you will need the UK visa that you currently have. You will most likely travel through Spain to get t…
  • Thanx. I've contacted the UK Embassy and they confirmed that with my stamp I will be able to enter untill 30 June 2009. After that you will need a visa to enter Gibraltar or the UK, irrespective of any previous entry (stamps).