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  • There is a broken link in one of the comments above for the infamous Iceland northern lights fan page on Facebook - with all the northern lights photos and more information on the off-season in Iceland. Here is the right link
  • Im stilling thinking about to see the northern lights in Greenland. Been studying a lot of material on Greenland it simply facinating to say the least. All the locals living there and fighting the nature and weather every and each day is so differen…
  • Has anyone seen the northern lights in Iceland so far? I just arrived and have been on 2 tours and not seen them yet. I have been to Thingvellir and to some place near Keflavik airport, but no success. I was wondering if it would be better to leave …
  • I think it is actually a great idea to check see the northern lights in Greenland! It is close to Iceland so it should have similar possibilities. But I have heard it is very expensive to go there. Understandably as so few people fly there. I found …
  • Lucky you:) - I think both of the dates are perfect, it is more question about how long time you will stay there. Going only for some short weekend break is really quite too short, or at least you need to be really lucky to hit the exact moment the …
  • Thanks Evelina:) btw have you ever tried to shoot photographs of the northern lights? Do you know if it moonlight matters when shooting it and if so when in the year might it be best to come to Iceland for some great scenery. Does it matter what typ…
  • Talking about the changing weather in Iceland. Check this photo out: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151894939667222&set=a.109574387221.118861.703562221&type=1&theater
  • I talked to a friend of mine that has been to the Golden Circel in Iceland and he said you most probably dont need any 4x4 jeep in Christmas time but you cant be sure as the weather changes quite fast over there I have heard:) He said you can see th…
  • I would recommend you to go in Oct / nov this year. It is high season for northern lights viewing due to the 11 years solar cycle as Icelander says and NASA is writing about. This is very important as you dont wan to wait for some 11 years to have t…