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  • hi yes you can stay at his room as the hotel will not be responsable about that. both of you are free to stay in one of your rooms as you are completly free to do what you like to do. the responsabilty of the hotel will stand just by the reception d…
  • i can understand your worries, tunisia is a lovely country and people are so friendly. everyone may have different experience. don't panic you will across many smiling faces just fly and enjoy tunisia
  • sorry No you need to obtain a visa from TE in dubai, if not from the nearest embassy. welcome enjoy tunisia
  • hi you can leave your ship and enjoy the city as you will be tourist with a group of people. you don't need a visa. if you are a worker on the ship you will be allowed with some instruction and valid card from the port for some hours. enjoy tunisia
  • hi "libyan" Yes you can if you hold uk travel docs. if you travel alone you need an hotel booking confirmation. even if for 3 days stay. if you arrive in a group of travel agency you don't need a visa. let me know if you need more support
  • hi jjry !. mother and father should know a baby is neither a jock!!! nor a game!!. both of them should be awareabout the future of the baby. they should find the better way to let the baby - and then the child - feel a normal life with a father and …
  • hi ! put all your income evidence in order to support your application. any income evidence may help. good luck