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  • 1.) Please begin all Visa enquiries with the single most piece of information: Nationality. 2.) And I can't imagine that any application with zero mention of a job, employment (or any reference whatsoever as to how the applicant makes a living) wil…
  • Then he needs to go to the Colombian Embassy website and follow the instructions to renew his passport, then he can make an airline reservation to travel home. Cheers, Terry
  • Here are the different reasons for being issued a Visa: Raisons médicales (Medical reasons) Business (Business) Manifestation culturelle (Cultural event) Visite familiale/amicale (Visit to family/friend) Visite officielle (Official visit) Sport (Sp…
  • "Shopping" for a Visa is frowned upon. All Schengen countries share Visa application information. Your Visa was turned down for all the major reasons so it was a very weak, not believable application. Leaving one child at home will make no differen…
  • Your post is lacking in so many details and explanations that it will be difficult for the experts here (@Alethia) to comment. But at the very least no one can take your post seriously unless you mention the single most important issue regarding Vi…
  • Fernol, the chances of anyone on a travel forum having first hand experience with a specific storage company in Montreal is nil. Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • joyce09, read the thread before asking the question. As clearly stated on the previous page: 46-1 is the South Korean immigration law under which you were deported from Korea. The only people who can confirm whether or not you can return to is the…
  • One tiny typo correction, Alethia... "... The minute your son enters Algeria he automatically becomes an Algerian citizen and you will have NO rights whatsoever to your child..." Cheers, Terry
  • "... so if i take my son there to see his grandparents and family what your saying is that my husband can keep him there im bit confused and worried..." Yes, that's exactly what they're saying! Cheers, Terry
  • Holy cow, that sounds waaaaay more complicated/dangerous that I thought. Ouch. Cheers, Terry
  • You say that you can legally enter both Tunisia and Algeria, correct? Then what is your question? Cheers, Terry
  • Simply Google, "storage units Montreal" and you have dozens of choices. Good luck finding one that meets your needs and budget. Cheers, Terry
  • @ahmedmurtaja, that's fabulous news. Congratulations. @Alethia is a treasure. Cheers, Terry
  • "... He (Saudi men) is trying to find out , if there is any possibility..." I get that. My point is he's actually living in Saudi Arabia so why isn't he investigating this directly with the local authorities there, instead of having you trying to f…
  • "... Even I don't know whole side of story..." Then with all due respect, why are you pursuing this? I really don't understand why the guy who's actually living in Saudi Arabia can't simply investigate his legal situation directly... Cheers, Terry
  • As is the case with so many of these questions we're not being given the whole story here.... Cheers, Terry
  • Avianca has been no help because they are not flying you to Cuba so they have nothing whatsoever to do with the Tourist Card. Cubana is the airline that is flying you to Cuba and you will purchase the Tourist Card from them when you check-in at San…
  • Why isn't your friend who lives in Saudi Arabia getting these questions answered directly so there's no confusion? Cheers, Terry
  • Not a clue, but 2 seconds of Googling brings up some interesting articles. http://gulfbusiness.com/saudi-issues-new-laws-for-foreign-marriages/ https://taraummomar.wordpress.com/category/saudi-men-married-to-non-saudisforeigners/ http://www.arabi…
  • Bella, are you for real? If you're smart enough to sign up to Facebook and then you can surely read their FAQ and figure out how to delete your account. You just got reminded to NEVER give out personal information on the internet and yet you go r…
  • For crying out loud, why are you wasting one moment of your time on this?! His name isn't Michael Becca Becker and he's not on an oil rig. He's a scammer sitting in a basement in Nigeria, Ghana, etc. and he's laughing his head off that you're so na…
  • I think Tunisa sounds perfect for a 4 week vacation for you... just to check things out... Good luck. You're approaching this in a very common sense manner, thank God. All the best to you. Cheers, Terry
  • "... But I got the visa from the Netherlands. But I am going to exit in Belgium..." Good luck. Cheers, Terry
  • "... There is a company in his country offering to get people schengen visas for about £4000..." Please post a link to this company. Thanks. Cheers, Terry
  • Of course it sounds ridiculous. All so-called "relationships" that only exist inside a computer are by their very nature completely ridiculous. That said, so long as you never send money or reveal any personal info that could be used against you by…
  • "... As far as I know, the travel visa allows foreigner to stay up to 2 weeks..." That is incorrect. Cheers, Terry
  • Dear Asined, With all due respect you've been spamming this forum over and over and over trying to figure some way to illegally scam a Visa for your, "friend." Now it's a "student?" Frankly it's getting kinda old... Cheers, Terry
  • The bottom line here is that your friend is being refused because he is lying on his Visa applications. He has no intent to travel honestly under the restrictions laid out out by the Visa, he only wants to stay illegally. Visa officials are not stup…
  • "... Guess I have alot to learn..." No, you don't, Bella. It's really, really simple. All you have to do is stop believing that people on the Internet are real. If at some point you can't meet and interact face-to-face with someone off the interne…
    in BTA fees Comment by CheersTerry March 13
  • Dear Bella, How in the world can you ask the question, "Should I just completely stop talking to him?" He's a thief and a liar. He has scammed you and stolen your money. His name isn't Michael Becker. You have no clue who he is or where he lives, …
    in BTA fees Comment by CheersTerry March 13