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  • You do not say your nationality, what the job is etc,Nigeria is full of scammers so until you give more information we cannot assist you.
  • Bhatti, you are not correct, there are many Indians studying and working in Pakistan. Universitys need revenue and foreign students provide this. By the way the visa would be granted by the Pakistan Embassy in this instance not as you wrongly said t…
  • Vincent, its impossible to outline the history of the cities just Google and loads of material will come up. Karachi was the first capital of Pakistan after independence Lahore has a rich history dating over a millenium.
  • Eve all you know about the scammer is lies a complete fiction. he does not exist so no one here or anywhere else will know him.
  • Lahore is a very historical city as is Karachi. Islamabad is a new city built in the 1960's but is near Rawalpindi Here are the top universities in Pakistan 2015
  • Do you mean leaving that is disembarking from the crusise ship ? You do not state your nationality , so we cannot say if you need a visa or not.
  • Ukraine is presently a very volatile and dangerous place , hardly somewhere people would think of going in holiday. I have people nearly everday calling my office, asking how they can bring their Ukrainuian relatives to safety. By the way your tours…
  • This type of visa requires at least three months to process The following documents are required for a Pakistan Student visa: -Duly filled Visa Form -Original passport (valid for at least six months) along with its photocopy -Two recent passport …
  • "these sites" as you called the Foreign and Commonwealth site is there for the protection and information of British citizens and has stood me well. I have lived and worked in Africa and while you might think official warnings are misleading they ar…
  • Khalan, whenever I travel I checkout what the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office has to say as they are on the ground and have up to date news. //…
  • Good luck from me and keep us up to date
  • In an earlier post you said you have a New Zealand passport, so you do not require a visa for the Phillipines. You also said your fiancee was from Philadelphia which is in the USA. US citizens do not need a visa to enter New Zealand.
  • There are no restrictions in travelling close to your visa expiry.
  • I suggest you read here and go to the section, What you need to do before marriage.
  • There is no Latvian Embassy in Tunisia there is just an Honorary Consul and he cannot provide the same service as an embassy. A Certificate of No Impediment for Latvian's ( document that shows they are free to marry) must be obtained from the Office…
  • To gain entry to Erasmus University in Rotterdam one must have a high standard of English. Erasmus also teaches English I think you would be better off in a country that does not have such a high standard of English. You should also consider hiring …
  • As Hungary is the country you will stay longest you should apply for the Schengen visa at the Hungarian Embassy.. The link I gave you said you must be a resident in Vietnam. Did you read the link? However some countries are not so strict so I sugge…
  • Unfortunately only people who are legally resident in Vietnam may apply for a Schengen visa. In South Africa,some Schengen countries use VFS Global (an outsourcing agent) and some countries request you a…
  • You do not say how long you have been in South Africa. If you have stayed more than 90 days and you entered on your Canadian passport then you are an overstayer and you do need to try to sort it out. However if you have not overstayed simply leave o…
  • I am sure that you have not lost your citizenship as you have your South African Birth certificate and the document you have is the registration of your birth by descent. Citizenship by descent: if you were born outside of South Africa to a South A…
  • There is no set time for a Schengen appeal to be considered and the higher authority who decide the appeal do not issue the visa, if the decision is overturned the Embassy in question do not have to issue a visa, they simply have to reconsider. I w…
  • Contact the Turkish embassy in Abuja
  • If you can't see your being scammed, nothing I or anyone else cand do. If you sent this person money well more fool you.
  • and your nationality is......?
  • You seem to have everything covered. Your fiancee should be at the airport to meet you. Make sure that you take nothing with you that suggests you will seek work.
  • You are being scammed 100% suggest you google her name lots of scammers with this name. Any US citizen who overstays can seek help from the US Embassy they do not need money from their on line boyfriend
  • Verybad, you have very bad lanuguage which is NOT acceptable on this forum.
  • Phlipines Consulate General Dubai
  • Nowhere on the Schengen visa application form does it ask if you have ever been refused a Schengen visa. It simply asks if you have had you fingerprints collected for the purpose of applying for a previous visa. Fill the form in and thats it. I a…
  • Toskybasky, as you are not Italian and hold a Nigerian passport you must apply for a visa to travel to Ireland. As Ireland is not a Schengen state you will need to apply for an Irish visa.…