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  • @Abdulqader You need more help than this forum can provide. I suggest you contact a local agent for help.
  • @amedaj We have answered this questions hundreds of times. Just look in the Tunisian section Here is a sample https://forum.wordtravels.com/discussion/19326/i-want-to-marry-tunisia-girl-i-am-from-india#latest
  • @dp0103 No you cannot just fly back to Korea. You committed crimimal offences.You maybe be banned for longer or even permanently. I told you to contact your former lawyers to assist you. They must kbow tbe sentence handed down to you. Turn u…
  • @dp0103 There would have been at least a five year ban I suggest you contact your former lawyers and ask them to find out
  • @vijayansmp What you perceived as a typo cost you the visa 8 says quite clearly the purpose and intended stay are unreliable. Make a fresh application give the correct information regarding the reason for travel and provide sufficient funds
  • @vijayansmp You can reapply but you will need more money in your bank account. You did not have enough money and you lied about the purpose of your visit.
  • @Abdulqader Sorry but I dont have an invitation you can copy
  • @misbah The refusal is not vague it is an actual reason for refusal. Every Schengen country gives the right of appeal against refusal of a visa and it is your right to do so.
  • @Abdulqader This has to be one of the worst invitation letters I have ever seen. It does not say why you need to go to Italy or the purpose of your visit. What type of business? What do they manufacture? How long you have been involved with t…
  • @Clive You need to give your nationality
  • @Praveen7777 You did not have enough money for the trip. If you do have enough money your documents did not show it.
  • @mariahamza Your brother CANNOT support your husband to enter the UK as a spouse. The important word is SPOUSE your brother is not married to your husband you are You are his wife and you need to work or be in receipt of disability or carers…
  • @umaa If your from Pakistan or another TB related country then yes
  • @ClaireMo No matter which country you live in , there are travel agents who specialize in the Umrah and Hajj trips including applying for your visa. I suggest that is where you start. Saudi Arabia has strict laws, its not exactly a sight seeing…
  • @Sainmeh The embassy calls the hotels. The hotel said your reservation had lapsed. Dont argue with us Reapply with correct documents and reservations.
  • @SaimMeh You posted the same question twice. Its quite simple your hotel reservation lapsed You were refused as you had no where to stay
  • @Saimeh Its very clear why you were refused your hotel reservation had lapsed. You had no where to stay. You need to make sure you have confirmed flights and hotel reservations or you will be refused.
  • @Sarune 1. If you live in the UK you will need to ask some on to get if for you from Lithania. Or from an embassy.
    in Marriage Comment by Alethia July 19
  • @Dodgycus It is impossible to obtain a visa for any country in the world without a passport. So how come Miss Russia (your on line girl friend ) was able to obtain a tourist visa without a passport? When you receive a visa it is stamped in y…
  • @Sarune It is possible to marry in Tunisia but I do not know if your Algerian fiance will be allowed to cross the border vecause Tunisia be came very strict on allowing single Algerian men into Tunisia. Your fiance needs to find out if he can ent…
    in Marriage Comment by Alethia July 18
  • @TastyMatt I lworked in Qatar for 4 years and I can assure you , there are no hidden gems or antique sites waiting to for you to find that special piece of antiquity. Museums:- National Museum of Qatar it is presently being upgraded The mus…
  • @franzsiv The facts are you are a Cambodian citizen holding a residence permit for South Korea. You still require a visa if you wish to travel to Japan.
    in Without visa Comment by Alethia July 13
  • @Nasir055 I suggest you make a formal complaint to the Polish Embassy and also the European Commission they have an online complaint form
  • @secretgirl Your relationship never had a chance.Take Lesleys advice walk away. No Egyptian man would marry a woman that could not have children. Your wasting time with this Egyptian
  • @Lesley Thanks for the support @DutchGuy You see you dont need to register the divorce because you are not Tunisian
    in Dutch Divorce Comment by Alethia July 10
  • @DutchGuy You dug up an old post, Please note Lauren has not been with the forum for sometime. As a citizen of the Netherlands you are NOT required to register your divorce in Tunisia. You are NOT a Tunisian national. There is no law in…
    in Dutch Divorce Comment by Alethia July 9
  • @Arsh I suggest you marry by a Tunisian notary it is legal, easier and cheaper. You dont need the single certificate stamped by the Indian Embassy its not neccesary. These know it alls at the marriage office love making life difficult. Tell you…
  • @misbah You can be as flexible as you like once ypu have the visa. A letter from the university confirming that you will be returning for your final year will help and evidence of your studies. Good luck
  • @misbah You applyf or your Italian Schengen visa at the VFS Global office in Lahore go to their website and it will guide you through the process. Sometimes your interviewed Your documents sound fine but there is little to tie you to Pakista…
  • @ravneetarora91 What an enormous pist and you expect a quick reply? I have a life outside this forum