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  • @agne There are no Tunisian traditions to cancel an engagement your boyfriend tells the girl he does not want to be with her. Simple I dont believe your boyfriend when he says his parents pressure him to marry a Tunisian woman. Especially i…
    in Need help Comment by Alethia June 17
  • @Iam_chiroto A tourist visa and a visitor visa are exactly the same visa. You have to apply for a fresh visa. There is no other way to get a visa. you dont have to wait you can apply straight away. I have no idea what you mean by this statement "…
  • @agne You know the reason, the Tunisian girl want to marry and join him in the UK. People from poor countries think that the UK, Europe , USA are paved with gold of course she wants to come here. Your boyfriend met this young woman on one of his v…
    in Need help Comment by Alethia June 17
  • @ Iam_chiroto To make a fresh application you must have all new documents and a new application form. You should have applied for a visit visa in the first place, I dont know what type of visa you applied for. You need evidence of where you are sta…
  • @agne This is a load of nonsense. This man does not want to be with you. Tunisian men and women can marry who they like, they can marry muslims and non muslims. Tunisian parents do not arrange marriages. You dont say how your boyfriend is in the U…
    in Need help Comment by Alethia June 17
  • @xyzsample01 Of course you can go there, I am surprised your father has not found you work if he has lived and worked in Bahrain for 21 years.
  • @Sihem A notary is better than city hall. Also it is incorrect that they accept documents only from the Turkish Embassy. you can get the'certificate of "legal capacity to marry' from Turkey. Legal capacity to marry or a Certificate of no impedim…
  • @Pat567 Firstly the Italians had no right to refuse you, they cannot refuse the spouse of an EU national any way that time has passed For you to go to Denmark you need to apply for a D visa These are the documents you need to supply…
  • @Abdulqader If you have no intention of seeing your sister then leave the fields empty.
  • @Arsh You can translate all the documents very cheaply in Tunisa before the wedding. Your fiancee can take you to the local Notary every village and town has a Notarys office. So dont worry. Just talk to your fiancee, it maybe a Notary who marrys y…
  • @Abdulqader 1. Your sister must provide a Letter of Commitment for a short stay known in German as Verpflichtungserklärung this is not taken from the police but from the Ordungsamt office. 2. You must provide proof of flights to France and from Fr…
  • @Abdulqader Is your sister an EU citizen or just living in Germany? If she is not a German citizen dont fill it in. If you have no intention of visiting your sister dont fill it in.
  • @Sihem The document does not need to be from the Turkish Embassy in Tunisia, Your fiance can obtain the legal capacity to marry document from Turkey.
  • @muneer55596 I doubt you can return, there is usually a ban on people for up to 5 years who overstay and surrender to immigration. You actually applied in South Korea for asylum?
  • @adamgilchristt Your writing nonsense, Prague is busy all year round even in the winter. The Prague Christmas markets and the Christmas Holiday Exhibition make winter time very busy. I dont think you have ever been to Prague.
  • @rabia8 I found this on the VFS Global web site unfer Premium lounge To book an appointment at the Platinum Lounge please send in your name and contact number to the following email– [email protected] or call us at +971 56 402 772…
  • @johnthaiparambil18 You will just have to wait and see.
  • @sajithvarghese1 You wrote Notary attested declaration from sponser is necessary "................ or if the sponser not working another country" This is absolute nonsense all declarations must be certified otherwise it is not a legal declaration.
  • @sajithvarghese1 A declaration is normally certified.
  • @sajithvarghese1 No wonder you were refused.You failed to supply one of the most important documents, how you are going to be financially supported. Then you stupidly ask for 10 days to supply the documents, no wonder the interviewer told you to fo…
  • @sajithvarghese1 That is not an accidental refusal. The Maltese do not believe you will attend university. There must have been something lacking in the documents you provided.
  • @sajithvarghese1 I asked you to give the reason why you were refused. Your agency is talking nonsense visas are not refused by accident so please give me the reasons why you were refused.
  • @tarekalex Stop acting so helpless you just open the link to the Phillipines embassy in my last post. You will see it gives a list of the documents your fiance must apply for a visit visa
  • @sajithvarghese1 Have you informed the school that you are appealing the visa refusal?
  • @sajithvarghese1 Schengen states are handling appeals much better these days. Malta is efficient so I suggest you wait for the outcome of your appeal. You do not give the reason why you were refused. It is not easy to obtain a UK visa, do not lis…
  • @tarekalex Yes he does need a visa here is the website for the Phillipines Embassy in Cairo. If you could show evidence that he will marry you that can help him to get the visa. http://www.cairope.dfa.gov.ph/visa All the best
  • @tarekalex If you want to be legally married your husband needs to be with you in the Phillipines. There are silly people who will tell you your husband does not need to go to the Phillipines to marry he can make a proxy marriage. A proxy wedding …
  • @longtom1977 Can you explain what a C1D visa is, are you living in Serbia? Normally Phillipines citizens need visas to enter both Serbia and Montenegro.
  • @Arsh You cannot show a hotel booking for 2 days when you are staying longer. You have to show a reservation for the whole of your stay. Just make a reservation at any hotel for one week, your not going to stay there so it can be any hotel. …
  • @Arsh You have to show a confirmed hotel booking an online booking may not work. I suggest your father in law make the booking and send the confirmation. The Tunisian immigration officers can call the hotel to check so it must be an official bookin…