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  • You do not need six months validity to enter your home country.
  • Go tell it on the mountain Moses
  • dbrazel, I don't know what kind of world people like you live in, where you think its normal to give imaginery people thousands of dollars.
  • eolhc, a notaire is a qualified legal professional who works in European countries that follow Roman civil law. Tunisia has notaires as for many years they were ruled by France. Notairess are public officers in Tunisia appointed by the Minister of …
    in Divorce Comment by Alethia 8:33AM
  • It will not affect your British citizenship application at all.
  • He goes to the nearest Philipines Embassy and fill in an application form. A travel agent in Thailand should be able to assist.
  • In all the years I been a lawyer I have never heard of "freezing" money in a bank account to demonstrate a person will return home. It must be one of those ridiculous urban myths made up by people who have no idea about immigration law. You do reali…
  • Lesley our resident Tunisian expert should be along soon to answer this question, however in my opinion your "ridiculously busy" Tunisian friend needs to go and see a lawyer. You are involved because your"ridiculously busy" friend is using you to s…
    in Divorce Comment by Alethia August 1
  • Thank you Terry, it could be you or me but I agree that there needs to be someone who can control the forum. Especially at the weeends when the forum grinds to a halt because of spammers.
  • Tahirnaqash, do you mean VFS the visa company? If so how can they assist a visitor to New Zealand?
  • Tahirnaqash your refusal stated The information submitted regarding justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable. This means the Italian embassy does not believe you are coming to Italy for a five day visit to a…
  • Bostonter, you asked for advice and we gave you advice. If you were my friend in the real world I would say the same to you.
  • I see it all the time Terry, not only do people allow their passport to expire, but they loose passports and think nothing of it and do nothing about it.
  • "I know people who technically qualify for citizenship who have had to fight for it for much longer than six months." Thats because they did not have me as their lawyer !! Ella your right if they need to travel then they will need the foreign passp…
  • Bostonter you are in idiot to even give this man and his story a second thought. stop all contact with him. Terry's right what planet do these people live on, don't they read the news or the internet, where there are thousands of scammer stories.
  • Actually a foreign passport does not have to be valid for British Citizenship application. If you have the correct documents and have passed the required language and Life in the UK tests, citizenship applications can be completed in less than six m…
  • The web page does not seem to be available so I suggest your fiance asks the Le Kef Ministry of Justice for a list of notaries.
  • While this person was definitely a scammer the term excursion is a perfectly acceptable term for a school trip, used widely in the United Kingdom. The definition of excursion is a trip by a group of people, usually made for leisure,or educational pu…
  • Throughout Tunisia there are "Notaires" (notary in English) who are public officials whose main powers include administering oaths and attesting to signatures, both important and effective ways to minimize fraud in legal documents. A notary can als…
  • There is no such thing as strict countries all Schengen countries follow the same code of conduct for issueing visas. Appeals however are completely different. There is no central European policy governing Schengen appeals each Schengen state can de…
  • If you were on a tour, surely the company operating the tour should have given you a letter or some kind of document ( not on line) , thats what normally happens. Usually it easier to obtain a Schengen visa when you are part of a tour. You need an i…
  • Marriage would make life simpler and easier when moving to Ireland
    in Irish Visa Comment by Alethia July 22
  • It is summer time and peak season for people travelling and that may be why it is taking longer to process Schengen visas. Call the embassy if you are concerned.
  • Here is the answer from the Jamaican Embassy in Washington DC You can travel to Jamaica with a Green Card but I suggest its about time you applied for a passport.
  • Haidee sent me a pm and this was my reply:- Section 42 of the Schengen application form simply asks for the names of your children , there are no other questions about children, so what did you write?
  • Only South Korean immigration can advise you if you will be able to renter their country. By the way who or what is moroh?
  • is a very good site for comparing journeys and costs
  • Dubai is an amazing place and has lots of unique restaurants, Buddha Bar is certainly expensive but definitely not unique. Bar Buddha can also be found in London, Prague, Budapest and Paris.
  • Why was your mother refused entry to Turkey ? Which country did you board the ship
  • All the information you require can be found in Immigration Rules Appendix FM - SE