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  • Why when you can buy seeds in South Africa and Zambia would you want the hassle of taking seeds with you.?
  • I lived in Zimbabwe some years ago and it is not advisable to be travelling alone with just you and your children in such a remote area. You should travel in a group. Where do you live?
  • I nor any one else here are the Croatian government ask them directly. I gave you the contact details.
  • If you are going to Romania on business, then the conference organiser should offer a letter of invitation. Ask them.
  • For stays of up to 3 months an EU passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.
  • Then you need marry in Serbia your husband can work in Serbia or return to Tunisa and you go to work in Croatia until you have payslips to make the application for your husband to live with you in Croatia.
  • You are trying to do too much all at once. You need to do things step by step and bringing your husband and the dog together is not feasible. First you need to move as you will require thhis address for your husbands application as well as the dog. …
  • When you marry and live in Croatia your husband should be granted a residence permit. By the end of this year 2015, Croatia will join the Schengen Zone. This will then enable you and your husband to travel throughout Europe without applying for a v…
  • From Jeddah
  • Firstly the surname William is not a normal British surname it normally is Williams. You must have concerns if you come on here asking if anyone knows Jerry William. Do not be so foolish, you have never met this man or his child, you no nothimg abou…
  • Zambia does not seem to have any restriction on passengers carrying seeds into the country.
  • You are a citizen of the Phillipines and therefore require a visa to enter Egypt, no matter where you stay. "Sinai Only" does not apply to Phillipine nationals as they must obtain visas before travelling
  • You only need an invitation letter if you are invited by a person for example a friend or family member or a by an institution or company, Can I get an invitation from the National Visa Centre (CNV)? The National Vis…
  • South Africa bans certain items and any types of seeds must be declared. As for Central Africa it depends what country you are referring to.
  • As you are both living in Serbia you should marry there before moving to Croatia as you will require a marriage visa to live together in Croatia. I am surprised your Tunisian boyfriend was allowed to stay in Serbia without being married to you. Yo…
  • You simply reapply you do not have to cancel the appeal
  • Most applications are processed in 15 days. Check here
  • You have answered your own question. You failed to put in an important document from the University and evidence that she resides with your parents and is dependent upon them. I assume your parents were granted the visa. Do not go to another Embassy
  • Your correct Ella, I mised the Indian citizen part. Coincidentally I was in Gibraltar for a short stay last week as part of my travels. The fortress and apes are interesting , there is also duty free shopping . This is the third time I have been to …
  • Here is the latest information from the Government of Gribaltar regarding visas. Only certain nationalities can enter Gibraltar using a Schengen visa, Kuwait is not on the list. Please contact …
  • No one here can answer your question as the visa application is at the discretion of the Egyptian government .
  • As a general rule, those who require a visa for entry to the UK also require a visa for entry to Gibraltar. Applications should be made to the British Embass in the applicant’s normal country of residence.
  • You are only required to be the holder of a Schengen visa, not to have the entry and exit stamps
  • If you already have a full Schengen visit visa then you do not need transit visa
  • You an reapply but you will need to provide proof of travel and accomodation reservations from a TRAVEL AGENT not from on line or email. You should give as much evidence as possible from the university dont bother about looking desperate. You can pr…
  • As you are probably aware Nigerians often have diifficulty in obtainiNg visas. The fact you have a UK Tier 4 student visa does not mean you will be granted a Schengen visa. The refusal cleatrly states that you did not provide evidence of the purpose…
  • You need to apply at the Indian Embassy
  • Bluebird, you do not need a visa for Hong Kong, but you do require a visa for China, Korea and Japan. Terry is correct, you must discuss this with the tour operator/cruiseline as they sometimes arrange the visas.
    in cruise ship Comment by Alethia May 2
  • Antoine , you only require on Schengen visa. You do not need to apply for two visas. You should apply to the French Embasasy as this is the country of entry. Provide information and invitations for your whole trip
  • Just to clarify for every one, your British and your spouse is from Pakistan. Your not applying for the visa your Pakistani spouse is the one applying. If the statement is printed by the bank there should be no problem