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  • @adamgilcristt The original post was about travel to Vietnam Thailand and Indonesia, so why have you gone completly off topic by writing about the Netherlands? If you have nothing relevant to say please do not respond.
  • @vaspat Autres motifs means other reasons They put this because you have been granted the visa for more than one reason. The examination comes under education and your holiday comes under tourism. Nothing whatsoever to worry about.
  • @Lindi South Africans require a visa to enter Guinea. Here are the details of the Guinea Embassy in Pretoria. https://www.embassypages.com/missions/embassy19030/
  • @momuza It is much better if you can marry and bring your wife on a spouse visa. The fiance route costs double the amount in fees. You would need to pay the full amount for the fiance visa £1464 plus language test fees. if that is granted y…
  • @joeambers No one on this forum is equipped to help you and you should have spoken to a lawyer. If it was me I would ask the lawyer if I could change my flight and leave imediately.
    in Fight Club Comment by Alethia April 22
  • @j4mrk82 I repeat Page 25 Answer question one - income from employment then answer income not from employment put your savings amount here Page 31 complete section D You are not my client, you are not paying me for a service. If you dont understa…
  • @ClaireMo The distance between Moscow and Riga, is 1000 kilometres, impossible for a day trip unless you want to pay expensive return trip airfares, even then it would not be a full day.
  • @bei0108 I do not know the salaries for cooks and waitresses, you must ask the agency these questions. Also ask if the employer supplies accomodation. Why did you not ask questions at the interview? Your employer must assist you to bring your child…
  • @j4mrk82 I gave you a clear answer I cannot do any more
  • @j4mrk82 Then go and see a lawyer instead of trying to do it yourself as you are not capable of understanding the application form.
  • @j4mrk82 Page 31 complete section D Page 25 Answer question one - income from employment then answer income not from employment put your savings amount here
  • Super Honest Terry, in your dreams xx
  • @carnelian I dont live on this forum so stop demanding attention. I will repeat. Your visa application is with the immigration officer. I dont know.
  • @carnelian This is in the hands of the Schengan visa officer not this forum
  • @carnelian I doubt if you will be granted a visa in 7 days if you are granted a visa at all.
  • @dnaqvi To marry in Tunisia you will require the following: 1.Your passport 2 Your birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage 3. A document from the Indian Embassy authorities stating you are free to marry 4.If you have been…
  • @j4mrk82 Form SET (M) pages 25 - 32
  • @Susanallen1968 The simple answer is no. The UK Supreme court only last year handed down the decision confirming that £18600 is the required salary. If you are the carer of a disabled adult or child and have documentary evidemce. You are exe…
  • @j4mrk82 Yes they do. On the application form you are asked what benefits you receive.
  • @j4mrk82 Only the sponsors salary is taken into consideration. Tax credits and other benefits cannot be counted as income. £18,600 is the minimum salary required to enable someone to make a settlement application as a spouse. £10,050 is a very sma…
  • @Alicat117 Good luck. You will need it and its not customs its UK immigration that deals with entry to the UK.
  • @Lesley & CheersTerry I also notice that the original poster in these type of topics never comes back to the forum to finish the story. Your right @Lesley a CEO asking a stranger with help to pay the workers salaries etc is incredible yet th…
  • @Alicat117 Now you have made things a little more clear. You applied for ILR using your South African passport, therefore the Biometric residence card is linked to your South African passport, which is why the card states you are South African.…
  • @Alicat Indefinite leave to remain is exactly that. Indefinite, it does not run out or have to be renewed. There should be no issues whatsover if you have indefinite leave to remain to travel in and out of the UK.You maybe asked on re-entry to …
  • @Juanita Martin Yes it sounds familiar, because this man is a scammer, he is not the CEO of any company and he is not in Malaysia. The photos are not of the real person, its just that the search you undertook could not link them to any one else. As…
  • @whiiz Your agent is lying there is no such thing as a repatriation fee. Please see the website of the Turkish Embassy in Abuja http://abuja.emb.mfa.gov.tr/Mission/ShowInfoNote/121787 Please read the warning carefully. There is also a call centre …
  • @Bushra I am not sure what you are asking. You cannot apply for ILR until you have completed 5 years/60 months. Entry level language is A1 Further leave is A2 ILR level B1 and Life in the UK test
  • @Lesley Airbnb are in Tunisia. I double checked.
  • @Bushra You are required to have English Language Level B1 for Indefinite Leave to Remain. A2 is the language level required when you apply for Further Leave to Remain when your 30 months are complete. For ILR you are required to complete the…
  • @Aliciaa If you rent an an Airbnb apartment your host will register you. You only have to register with the police if you rent an a private apartment from an individual Its for your safety. Tourists do not have to pay any sort of taxes. Is th…