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  • @rohit87 Vis Information system is technology shared by all Schengen countries. Your information and application history is in that system They can even provide information to the UK if required. So when you put "no" on previously collected bio…
  • @rohit87 All advice is given on the forum free of charge. I would have to charge a fee if I did this type of work. I do not give out my personal information
  • @rohit87 I replied to your question in the other thread you posted
  • @rohit87 Obviously you did not supply the correct docunents. Obtain proof you have ties to India and an itinerary and proof of what you intend to do in the Schengen country. Then reapply
  • @maxmanohar All you can do is reapply.
  • @pupa You need to put not only the copies but a cover letter joing the two applications together and explaining that the originals are with your application and copies with your sons application
  • @pupa Yes you can leave but on normal holidays no longer than one month
  • @ maryjaneaddy You can apply where you want and when you want
  • @zahra1234 No visa is helpful for Canada especially not Ukraine. Canada makes its own decisions no matter which country you have been to before.
  • @LadyD This man is a scammer and you have lost $300. There is no such thing as BTA (Basic Travel Allowance) it is a scam. Of course banks can transfer money anywhere. This man is trying to obtain your bank details it has nothing to do with an…
    in BTA fees Comment by Alethia August 10
  • @maryjaneaddy No matter which embassy you go to your details are held on the Visa Information System shared by all Schengen countries. They will know you have been refused.
  • @pupa No you cannot return to Dubai your supposed to be living in the UK. If you do travel to Dubai the time will ve deducted from your UK visa and you will not meet the visa requirements for the spouse extension. Sort things out before you leave.
  • @aomojikei You would not qualify for the E6 visa. That is for performing artists i.e. dancers actors etc not painters.
  • @latinovip When applying for a UK EEA Residence permit You only need proof of your relationship which you have with her air tickets and photos of you together. A letter from her employer, 2 or 3 recent payslips. Proof that she rents the house…
  • @9619695255 I think you are unreasonable. You cannot expect a Tunisian girl to live without any family or friends in India. I cannot believe a Tunisian father would allow this. I am an advocate of womens rights, just because polygamy is legal i…
  • @9619695255 There is no easy way for an Indian visa. If your fiancee does not work she may have a problem as she has no income. If you live in Saudi Arabia then you should understand the difficulty of the visa process. So will you live in Sa…
  • @9619695255 Both @lesley who has lived in Tunisia many years and @mozak an Indian citizen have both told you it is impossible to get a visa for Tunisia and your fiancee will require a visa for India
  • @9619695255 I am aware that India legally allows polygamous marriages and even in Islam Fatwa 91712 states you can marry more than one woman on the same day. Its just that I personally find it quite shocking in this day for a young man to have …
  • @9619695255 You have an Indian fiancee lined up to marry and also a Tunisian woman. You may have been honest and India allows polygamous marriages but usually it is after you have been married to wife number one for sometime that you would take…
  • @9619695255 Your single not yet married and you are already thinking of taking a second wife. Does your Tunisian fiance know you intend to take more than one wife. Tunisian culture only accepts one man one wife. Honesty at the outset is important…
  • @9619695255 Not every country is ruled by Islam. Tunisia is a secular country. Only civil weddings are legal and a man can have only one legal wife. You cleay say you plan for a second marriage. If you are all ready married in India then you ca…
  • @9619695255 There is a member on the forum calked @mozak he is an Indian citizen who married a Tunisian girl. They married in Istanbul Turkey as he was twice refused a visa for Tunisia. I will send him a pm and ask him to help you.
  • @Beanie1965 Why are you divorcing in Tunisia and not your own country? If you are British you should be applying for a British divorce it does not matter in which country you married. I dont know this lawyer and would not be sending money to s…
  • @Karo I know its tough but wait and see the outcome then decide what to do. I will be here
  • @Karo This time I cannot really advise you on how to make it better. Your fiance made an error of judgement in sending the requested items seperately. Normally you are given a date by which you must respond with the documents so you can send them…
  • @aslansglow I explained everything clearly in my post regarding marriage in Turkey. I also provided a link to the US Embassy so you could download the form. Its called an Affidavit of Eligibility.
  • @aslansglow He simply makes a visa application to the Turkish embassy
  • @aslansglow Your boyfriend will need a visa for Turkey. Algerians cannot travel freely
  • @aslansglow Go to this website for all the information tr.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/marriage/ The Istanbul Affidavit of Eligibility is the document that states you are free to marry. Your birth certificate must not be older than o…
  • @aslansglow If your boyfriend is under 35 he will not be allowed into Tunisia.So you cannot marry there. The threat from terrorists is very high in Algeria so Tunisia has closed its borders. Your boyfriend cannot walk into the USA because …