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  • What clever clogs came up with £300 per week? that comes to a salary of £14400 oer annum before tax , I will repeat again, for self employed people the UK immigration rules Appendix FM Specified Evidence requires a self employed person to have an an…
  • The thing is I plan to stay there for a month (a day or two less maybe) and my budget around 2000 INR or 2400 BDT. Arundouyr, if that is your budget for a whole month then you are going to live in the street and starve, even if you stayed with you…
  • As I said earlier this young man needs to get urgent legal advice. He has no status in the UK and should not even be working.
  • Am I correct in assuming your friend is living illegally in the UK? If so an Irish Christmas is totally out of the question, he can not travel anywhere or he will be arrested and detained by UK immigration Your friend should be seeking legal advice…
  • As a minor child you cannot apply for the Schengen visa your parents must apply for you. If you are not travelling with your family or going to stay with relatives, its highly unlikely you will be granted a visa. Passengers between 12 and 18 years a…
  • Your case becomeS more complicated every time you write, You now reveal that your fiancee does not have sufficient proof of earnings and your not divorced. if you read my earlier post I wrote If she is self employed she simply has to show a profit o…
  • Are you kidding me? Does your partner think Mirpur is Blackpool or Benidorm . Mirpur is a city next to a dam. I never understand why Pakistanis who have lived all there life in the UK think the only place to go on holiday is Pakistan. I see you use …
  • Is your fiances company a limited company or is she self employed? If she is self employed she simply has to show a profit of £18600 and provide self assessments , Accounts tax and self employment over a one year period. If its a limited company the…
  • Terry is right you can enter France on your Schengen visa but what a waste.
  • At the moment you cannot apply for anything as you are not divorced so go see your mother in law. I do not understand why you chose this complicated route when your fiancee could have flown to Canada and you married there or even in the USA, that i…
  • There is no way we can know how long it takes for the Embassy to send your documents to TLS. You simply have to wait
  • There is also WhatsApp free calls and free text worldwide.
  • If your mother in law dies, I assume this will delay your wedding plans, as surely there is no way you will be able to marry while your fiancee is grieving for her mother. If that is the case your marriage visit visa needs to go on hold. However if…
  • Lady contractor , don't make me laugh Where isthe lady contracting, Nigeria, elsewhere in Africa, Malaysia. She is no more a contractor than I am , she is a SCAMMER and your an idiot for wasting one second of your time on this business
  • How lucky you are to have such super grand parents and we know you are safe.
  • 1. I agree with Terry 2. One of you needs to apply for a visa so you can marry in either South Africa or Nigeria Terry your comments crack me up
  • Good point Terry, I assumed he was on a school trip.
  • Keukenhoff is the home of the tulip and other beautiful flowers
  • You donot need to know your fiance for 2 years, it does not matter who asked who nor how often you see each other. There are no such queations asked on the VAF1 form I am looking at. Just fill the form do not add any extras.
  • I am a British lawyer. As for people studying Pakistan there levels are comparable to many Indian Universities Pakistan National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has won its place in the List of 'Top 500 World Universities', and is the…
  • Amish, are you aware how much it costs to study in the UK Canada or USA? Its also not easy to obtain a visa to study abroad. University fees range from £10,000 to 30,000 per annum. Universitys in Pakistan charge a fraction of those amounts. I see yo…
  • Fnabeel, have you applied for a multiple Schengen visa? A multiple entry Schengen visa will allow the holder several entries into the Schengen area, allowing you to return to another country outside the Schengen zone and then re-enter the Schengen…
  • I have answered your email please understand I am not a free document checking service. This was a one off courtesy so do not ssend more documents
  • send to this email
  • Why not apply to Italy with all the correct documents especially the correct letter of invitation and you sign the documents no one else.
  • If you are refused on the basis of not having sufficent insurance coveryou will need to reapply. There is no point appealing if this is the basis of the refusal as you made the mistake.
  • ".... i assure you there is no such thing of terrorism..." Here is a list of major incidents related to terrorism in Pakistan since January 2015 the site actually goes back to 2000. Pakistan is placed eighth in the list of the most dangerous countri…
  • If another person signs your documents with or without your knowledge that is considered to be fraud. I know its acceptable in India and Pakistan it is not acceptable in Turkey, Schengen zone, UK. USA Canada Australia etc.
  • Your welcome and please let us know what happens to your girlfriends visa application.
  • With or without your knowledge you submitted fraudulent documents that were not signed by you. If you commit fraud either by yourself or with the help of your agent, your application will almost certainly be refused/denied. In addition, you may fac…