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  • @fritz63 Why ask on a forum when you can Google loads of vodka based cocktails like I did. www.thespruce.com/best-vodka-cocktails-761221 https://mixthatdrink.com/vodka-cranberry/
  • @Help76 Of course a UK divorce is recognised in the USA your soliciter needs to go back to law school. A divorce decree issued in a foreign country is recognised in each state in the USA on the basis of comity (Hilton v. Guyot, 159 U.S. 113, 16…
  • @Help76 Tunisian weddings are legally recognised in the UK , USA, Europe, Australia etc etc consequently Tunisian marriage do NOT have to be registered. Even though your application was refused UK visas and immigration accepted your marriage was le…
  • @jologo "we just want to know what exactly prompted them to refuse our visas." Neither of you are employed and both of you have appalling immigration history i.e. removal orders from Canada, yours is classified as an actual removal and you have b…
  • @corazon Apart from his passport and birth certificate you boyfriend does not need to meet any requirements. You have to supply everything to meet Danish law. Please do not be taken in by this young man. Children are important and once he has…
  • @corazon It is not clear from your post if you are a Danish citizen or you have permanent residence. To marry in Tunisia you will require the following: 1.Your passport 2 Your full birth certificate issued no more than 21 days before the marriage …
  • @MillieB2710 If the fathers name is not on the birth certificate the father is considerd to be "unknown" Have you told the employers that you know the father? If so you have done your self a major disservice. It may be easier for you to go t…
  • @Canuka I have explained clearly to @saigonosenpai That it is very difficult for young men from poor countries to be granted visas to Europe. UK USA Ireland etc It is not just because he is visiting you. Married couples have the same difficult…
  • @Liliaaaan You cannot just apply for a Schengen visa to be an au pair on your own. The best way is to apply through an au pair agency who find a suitable family and help you apply for a visa. However, I am certain that African girls I mean fr…
    in Aupair Visa Comment by Alethia March 6
  • @eurece Who ever told you this is a fool. There is no such type of legal marriage.It would not be recognised anywhere. Marriage in the Phillipines is only legally recognised if both the bride and groom are physically present.You should know…
  • @tsy_simon All the best for the future and thank you for your faith in me
  • @bu123 I am sorry I do not know , each application is decided on its own merit, only Australian immigration can advise you.
  • @moshiur This type of refusal is not about income or money in your account. Something has gone wrong with your accomodation or travel arrangements or the documents you provided.
  • @bupi Japan does need low skilled foreign workers as there is an employment shortage. All I know is that there are jobs available but dont know how you find the companies to employ you and arrange your work permit. Your deportation from South Korea…
  • @bupi What country are you talking about?
  • @saigonosenpai I apologise for deleting the last post, we were being hit by spammers and I accidently deleted my answer to you. My response was that Schengen immigration officers think you will remain in the Schengen zone at the end of your trip.…
  • @bupi The visa application form for Japan asks if you have ever been removed from any country for overstaying or for breaking any law or regulation. It is not a good idea to lie, as your fingerprints will be on record with South Korea.
  • @bupi If you need a visa for Japan it may be a problem, if you dont need a visa, then you may not have a problem.
  • @bupi You do not give your nationality or say if you need a visa.
  • @bupi Why not? Your passport is still valid
  • @mariahamza Tunis the capital is in my opinion is not suitable for a family holiday. Your children will be bored no beach or animation or things for children, you find these in the places I mentioned before, Hammamet, Sousse ,Port El Kantoui or Mon…
  • @Ellie Your post is very confusing. What "new rules" are you talking about. Why is it a problem to show the childrens birth certificates ? Who are you showing them to?
  • @FarazH You can apply for this visa
  • @FarazH You are talking about a Schengen tourist visa to Italy when you and your wife travel together for a holiday, that is possible and you cannot be refused. If you want to live permanently with your wife in Europe you must apply for a family …
  • @FarazH Your wife must be living and working in an EU country to apply for a visa (family permit) for you under Directive 2004/38/EC
  • @FarazH You cannot apply under the provisions of Directive 2004/38/ec because your wife is living and working in her own country Poland. To qualify under Directive 2004/38/ec your wife needs to be living and working in another EU country such as …
  • @FarazH and @ArsalanZ l Please tell me what is your wife's natiionalities and what EU country are they are living and working, this is important
  • @mariahamza There are some lovely hotels in Hamamet , Sousse and Port El Kantoui that are very suitable for families. Tunis the capital is not really suitable for a family holiday
  • @mariahamza I suggest your husband applies for the visa, it may help that he is married to a British citizen and has a British child. The problem is he cannot apply until he has flight and hotel details, which you cannot book until you know his vis…