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  • Yes you can if thats what you have been advised by the Tunisian government.
  • These are the rules set by the Home Office and the NHS surcharge is the latest in a long line of changes. These designed to prevent sham marriages and make sure opeople do not live on benefits. Also many marriages break up no matter how well you thi…
  • Tenzy you have not made it clear in which country you intend to marry
  • You will need to apply to the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing China.
  • You need to read these two information documents in conjunction. and…
  • You do not need a set amount on either pasport as you are leaving and entering your dual national countries. You require only to have a valid passport.
  • Haven't the faintest idea as to how an Indian national would be treated in Pakistan. Thereb are many historical sights to see in Pakistan ufortunately the population appear to suffer from bi polar disorder and are a law unto themselves
  • Just be yourself
  • You need to read paragraph 7 of the link I gave you. This is the mandatory evidence required by the Home Office. You do not need a charterred surveyor to survey your house. Do you rent or have a mortgage? You will find this difficult to do alone it …
  • Marina77, I am very fair and in hot hountries I often wear salwar kameez type outfits as worn in India and Pakistan or wide leg crepe trousers with chiffon long sleeve shirts and always a large hat, as I find the black abya very restrictive.
  • Of course they don't have to pay money to pick up a letter, this is a lie made up by a scammer.
  • A Certificate of Divorce is the only legal proof that you are no longer married. No lawyers letter will assist you, the fact is you cannot marry as you are not divorced. If you apply for the marriage visa without the Certificate of Divorce your vis…
  • You put divorced which you are not until the judge stamps your paper and you cannot apply for the marriage visa with out this decree absolute.
  • You get a visa on arrival in Oman as a Bulgarian and wearing an abba like the local women could be good idea
  • Bulgarians are granted 90 days visa on arrival in Nepal
    in Nepal Comment by Alethia April 13
  • With teenagers you would be better off going all inclusive as there is so much for them to do and soft drinks are limitless. If you have never been to the ara before you would be better going on the trips with the tour company so you dont get ripped…
  • I suggest you hire a lawyer in Dubai.
  • No its not acceptable. The evidence for self employed persons is in Paragraph 7 relates to the evidence self employe…
  • You need to search on line for sites like this Kuwait is perfectly safe country to work you can read thr…
  • Irrespective of which visa you apply for, you must state if you have any criminal convictions inside or outside of Australia, and you may be asked to provide police certificates as part of your assessment against the character test. If you do not di…
  • I agree totally with Lesley regarding the safety in Oman, but you have still not said what your nationality is so that we may give advice on the visa. The best way and possibly the only safe way to travel bewteen Abu Dhabi and Oman is to fly.
  • What nationality are you ?
  • You already have one comparision site which you are promoting why do you need more?
  • As British citizens you are granted a 3 month visa upon arrival at the airport.
  • RemingtonMarcus has been rambling on about Carolyn Franleson and other scammers since October 2014 Can't the mods please tell RemingtomMarcus to leave the forum unless he/she has something better to talk about.
  • In this case if you have evidence then appeal but be warned the French are notorius for not responding to appeals.
  • As your wife is a UK citizen you can a[ways check her visa requirements here For other countries just put in the country and FCO
  • The Greek islands, Mykonos is world famous for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and transparent waters. Myjonos is also famous for its world renowned party scene. There is a beach for every taste and mood. Nudists, round-the-clock party people, fa…
  • No EJW you do have to have lived with your girlfriend for two years. If this was true no one who had an arranged marriage could apply for a settlement visa. It is too early to have your documents ready for the settlement visa . You do not seem to u…
  • Luna sometimes, I wonder if I am writing clearly. I just explained in the last post what the housing report must say. (there is no such thing as a property inspection report) If its rented from the council/ housing asscociation, they can give a re…