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  • @barari I am not sure what you mean by double up. Your sponsor must earn £18600 or more per annum. His employers letter and payslips must show this. UKVI always check salaries with HMRC ( British tax office)
  • @mariahamza I thought you were a British citizen so why would you send your passport to the Algerian Embassy to change to your married name?
  • @barari A UK spouse visa as I already explained can take up to 12 weeks or longer to process. It does not matter if it is the first time , or second time the process is the same. The peak period is normally the summer.
  • @ mariahamza When you apply for your next Algerian visa I would send your new passport and your old passport along with your marriage certificate and any other documents required by the Algerian embassy. It is normal practice when applying for a…
  • @hendoks As Cameroon is a French speaking country do you have the Livret de Famille? If so this is similar to the certificate of family registry. If you dont have the Livret de famille then you must use your birth certificate.No doubt these d…
  • @hendoks A state issued certificate of family registry is a history of a family and significant events in a persons life and is not issued in every country. What is your country of origin? If your country does not issues the certificste of …
  • @sksksksk If you read the information regarding visa applications on uk.tlscontact.com Which is the UK visa centre in Ghana it clearly states that application form and supporting documents must be bought to the appointment. In other words no …
  • @mozak The couple could marry in another country but where would they live and work after the wedding? That is the problem. Saudi Arabia has very strict laws and as Terry said the Saudi man is the only one who can find the answer.
  • @neymar1991 You do not need to mention the refusal in your cover letter. All Schengen offices will know you were refused previously , because of the Visa Information System which is tied to your biometrics and is shared by all Schengen countries.…
  • @neymar1991 All Schengen visa offices no matter which country they belong to are connected to VIS (vsa Information system) no matter what type of visa you apply for your past applications will appear. This is why biometrics are taken So if yo…
  • @susantha Before we can assist you, we need a little more information, such as your nationality, age and if you have any qualifications or skills.
  • @mariahamza Your welcome. All best wishes for the birth of your child and please let us know mother and baby are ok.
    in visit visa Comment by Alethia April 23
  • @mozak Terry has made a very valid point. Surely the Saudi national knows the laws of his country. Why propose marriage if he knows he cannot marry in Saudi Arabia.?
  • @lesley & @mariahamza Lesley has made a very good point. The visit could be for a single visit.Just because the visa is for a period of three months, if you visit for example for two weeks, once you leave Algiers the visa becomes invalid a…
    in visit visa Comment by Alethia April 23
  • @mina Yes you can apply for a UK visit visa from Belgium All UK visa applications are completed on line and submitted at the nearest visa office.
  • @mariahamza I did not understand your post. Your friend was given an Algerian visa but when she arrived in Algeria she was refused entry is that correct? Just because a person holds a visa does not mean that they will be allowed to enter Alg…
    in visit visa Comment by Alethia April 22
  • @Bella1964 You claimed in an earlier post that the man was "saying things" to your family on Facebook but now you say he is not on Facebook. This does not make sense. If this man is not on facebook and you blocked him on Hangouts why or how are…
  • @Bella1964 Stop being so silly. Terry and I have both told you that Michael Becca Becker is not a real person. He is a scammer a liar and a thief. Block him , unfriend him and tell your friends and family to do the same. Stop going on line an…
  • @abdoufitt I am confused, first you say you want to get married now you say you are married for one month. It does not matter how long you have been married. You are required to give proof of your relationship.Photographs, communication and e…
  • @abdoufitt If your fiance is a British citizen you cannot apply for an EEA residence permit to live in the UK
  • @Bella1964 I really do not understand why you are afraid. The internet is not the real world. Hangouts has a " block " facility , use it, then this man cannot contact you. This person is more likely to be found in an internet cafe in Nigeria…
  • @nanaosei There is a Universal travel agents in Accra Ghana
  • @nyah I am glad we were able to help you before you paid out good money to these criminals
  • @nyah A Schengen tourist visa costs 60 Euro ( £50 or $ 74 ) So why would your brother need to pay £4000? Because he has a criminal record and no country will give him a legal visa he has found people promising to provide an illegal way into Eu…
  • @nyah No legal company will offer this kind of service
  • @nyah We do not offer advice on this forum to people who take part in criminal or illegal activities. For your information your relative will never be granted a legal Schengen visa to Europe as the Schengen countries anf the EU share security i…
  • @imfaiz I really do not understand your problem.If the visa is granted you will live in the UK and do not need your job in Dubai. If and when your visa is granted then just advise the company you are leaving, simple. Who cares what the company th…
  • @imfaiz You say you know the UK visa document and checklist very well. I have been an immigration lawyer for over 25 years and I check everything , as the Home Office are forever moving the goal posts. 1. You do not need to send any document…
  • @aping26 Wrong country ! You are not in the Netherlands you overstayed in Belgium and each country has its own rules on overstaying.
  • @aping26 You can be fined for overstaying. I have heard of fines upto €700. Belgium can also ban you from entering for up to 3 years. This will lead you to being prevented from entering the Schengen zone which will remain on file indefinitely