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  • Don't have so much info but may be it can helpfull, consulate can provide credit for their citizens. When he/she turns back they pay it back.
  • Dear Alethia, I read earlier as well, appriciated.  I talked to an authority who is in charge with wedding for Besiktas. He told himself British consulate provide this document in Istanbul. He added also may be doc requested may change. He ask…
  • Dear Leena, I contacted to one of wedding authorities in Istanbul about your situation.  1- To be able to get an appointment in any district you need to have hotel booking confirmation from that distirct. It means if hotel doesn't located in that…
  • I noticed that foreign citizens should adress 1st to their authorities who is consulate, embassy to be able to proceed. As you linked it says foreigners should follow up certain ways to be able collect some official documents.
  • Deaar Layale, Kindly remind you that foreign people gets married at their ambassy or consulate.  I suggess you to adress authorities to have certain info.
  • Soon passport control will be online as well. There will be no waiting at airports i guess.
  • You can change your money at any change office around touristic and commercial areas. Rates will be more interesting than banks. US Dollar and euro is accepted at everywhere but we don't know so much actual sterling rate.