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  • Thank you Alethia. The certificate of no impediment is no longer an option for british citizens, as i explained it is the affidavit/affirmation that has to be completed. The government website will explain that the process changed on 1 March 2014 an…
  • Having recently got married in Turkey I just wanted to share some information on here.....for anyone wanting to marry in Turkey, you no longer need a certificate of no impediment. As of 1 March 2014 the rules for British Citizens wishing to marry in…
  • Alethia, could you tell me how long the CONI document is valid in Istanbul and also how long my partners certificate confirming his marital status as single is valid for (not sure if there is any difference between the 2)
  • Thank you for your help again
  • The document confirms his name date of birth, place of birth, parents details and confirms that the information has been extracted from the civil register and has the date.
  • Hi Alethia I was hoping i could get your help again, me and my fiance did not marry in November however we hope to go to Turkey soon to do so. My fiance is Syrian and currently in Saudi Arabia, i am british. My question is, does my fiance need a c…
  • Thanks for your responses. I have an appointment tomorrow to apply for the CONI and my fiance will also book flights and accommodation. So once the hotel is booked we can obtain the local registry office details from the hotel to make an appointmen…
  • So can i just check i have this right, i need my birth certicate which is stamped by the registry office, my change of name deed that has my wet ink signature on it and has also been signed by a solicitor to say it is a genuine deed, a certificate o…
  • Dear Alethia Thank you ever so much for your help. Could you tell me if my birth certificate, change of name deed, passport and CONI need to be legalised in the UK first of all (before they can be translated/legalised in Turkey) or is it enough for…
  • I desperatly need some assistance. I am planning to get married in Istanbul at the end of November, I am a british national and my fiance is a syrian national living in saudi arabia. I need to know what documenrs I require and which of these need t…