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  • Renee1010 - are you a scammer as well??? There is no way for this to be legit. No jumping but the conclusions are obvious!!!
    in Nigerian scam Comment by Lesley May 8
  • Happy to help and great to know that all will be good.......inchallah mabrouk!
  • Really what??? Sweet - as in honey laced with arsenic????
  • Sareer - no you do not have to change your name back!! As long as you have all the necessary divorce documents there should be no problem. Make sure you get your certificate of no impediment - a doc issued by your home country that states you are …
  • Your fiance should be able to claim rights to the child by declaration. What problems are you having? He can go to the court for this
  • That is not a long as you supply your original birth certificate, your original first marriage certificate and original divorce papers. these should all be translated and certified. The municipality are confused as here we kee…
  • Agree with Alethia, good idea to cover totally. Yes Oman is very, very hot in the summer.........temperatures will often exceed 50c. In this heat it is impossible to be outside.
  • marina - you can feel safe in Oman as a solo female, but you may get unwanted attention!! Please use common sense and wear very modest clothing - don't smoke in the street those sorts of things. Also Ramadan is in end of June this year so if you w…
  • Gwafy - I have your email and shall answer it, however, it must be your friend who starts this process although I am not hopeful. Is your friend a Tunisian citizen? If she is an expat here then there is little hope for you. Even if she is a tunis…
  • khawla - I have replied to your msg but you need to apply at the Lithuania Embassy. the closest is France
  • Peggy, I know we haven't given you the answers that you want but we have given you correct information.
  • Peggy - Alethia is absolutely correct!! You must arrange a new ORIGINAL birth certificate which is dated no more than 21 days before you sign the contract of marriage. It must then be translated and certified. I am sure you can organise to have t…
  • help-me - first thing we need to know is if you have already a job lined up in Tunisia. If not, then you will find it difficult to have a visa as jobs are given to Tunisians first before foreigners
  • Your husband can register needs to be added to his birth certificate. He can do this through the municipality or at the court. Tunisia recognises marriage in other countries as long as it was done legally according to the laws of t…
  • Gal - I googled Soukra and here is a link to the Municipality, they have a f/b and also I saw a 'marriage file'. Maybe this can be of help:
  • Baz - Ariana is quite a large area and perhaps you were married in the suburb of Soukra? I will give you the address for both municipalities: Municipale Soukra rue du Parc +216 70 49 44 07 Municipale Ariana rue Echih Ariana Medina +216 71 71 44 5…
  • Having blonde day as well lol!! I meant marriage certificate. Hope that the lawyer can assist you but I will get you the address of the municipality on Ariana.
  • Babskaz - you can get a copy from the Municpale office in Kasserine. If they are unable or unwilling to assist then you can engage a notaire who will petition the court for you and get the divorce papers.
  • Galvi - anyone in Tunisia can obtain the birth certificate of anyone else!! If you have his full name then you can have someone get this for you. You said that you married in Ariana? Was this with a notaire in the family home or in the municipali…
  • Ok so did you sign with a notaire? If so, you can contact that notaire, or else contact the municipality in Ariana for the certificates. Why did you not insist on having a copy of the marriage certificate? It doesn't make sense that you would hav…
  • I just want to be sure I know where you signed the contract......was it with a notaire/municipality?? If with notaire he can easily get this for you as he would lodge this with the court. Also if you signed at the municipality they will also obtai…
  • 123 - you have your answers on another thread.
  • 123 - where is the confusion?? If as you say they can get her documents from her embassy in the UK why does she need to go to Latvia. I'm confused!!
  • Oliviapsu - I have on many threads posted what you need to marry. As you are an American you must provide your original American birth certificate. Please go to your American Embassy in the UK and get all your documents from there. If you can't f…
  • The marriage certificate will be lodged with the municipality where you married, however, I believe that it is possible to get this also from the courts. I will try to find out today the process and post asap
  • Alethia you are correct! Yes she can marry the next........
  • Cheri - you are probably confused with the marriage certificate having to be issued 21 days before marriage contract. Tunis is a safe city and you should not worry especially since you will be close to the family. If he has a sister then they may …
  • Well he would have had to provide documents in order to get married in UK?? His single status for sure so he would have had to get something from the Tunisian Embassy surely!!
  • Lauren - it's not a problem. Believe me he would have had to supply documents to re-marry. It depends if your partner got the older or newer.