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  • This is not a forum to discuss personal lives but rather a travel forum. I have been married to Tunsie for many years, lived her for many years.............I see the world through Oriental/Occidental eyes and mentality. Hakeka!!
  • can sure talk the talk but you and me both know that what is real is not what you have written. Don't put sugar on this, young men here DO NO MARRY OLD WOMEN!!! This is the first thing foreigners should understand. This is not our cult…
  • look - I see the comments from the other thread for you. You should know that it is not normal for a young man here to marry a woman twice his age. All men here want children, especially sons. 'love' here is a different concept than in the west. …
  • And you know guerradios that she don't want to live in Tunisia because our lifestyle is not like Europe or US and she can't live with him outside of marriage and you know that the Tunisian can go to jail for that!!
  • Ooooof - make sure you comply also with what Tunisia wants!!!!
  • Bouhmid - email is
  • You need to have your blood tests done here.......they don't accept them from another country. What I told you is that if you have certified copies then you can keep the originals. I have all my original dox with certified copies so that I can pro…
  • Bachi - I see you are studying Islam. Then you will know that loyalty is first to Allah, then the Mother so his standing up for you won't last long!!
  • guerradios - you should make sure that you get all your original documents back. The authorities will take the stamped copies. I gave you the info on inbox
  • Maria - you do understand the situation right now in N.Africa and the M.E.?? Tunisia is on high alert. Your boyfriend knows exactly what he has to do.........why are you concerned, he should be doing all the work
  • We are more than a mine!! Right now your Algeria boyfriend may well need to have residency in Tunisia to marry here. The border between Algeria and Tunisia is carefully monitored these days so he may not even get over the border.
  • lookinforluv - I am glad you are taking my advice. Dating is a western thing. I do suggest that you try to find out as much as you can about Islam. Dating here consists here of meeting for cofee with the girl usually chaperoned by a family member…
  • Please know that really there is no such thing here as 'dating' what there is are young Tunisian men who search for much older women to seduce into marriage so that they can have a visa for anywhere!! Take care please.
  • Jihad - I gave you all these answers by message. As Alethia says - don't make this more complicated than it is and stop listening to what the 'others' tell you. Alethia and I know more than all your Tunisian friends believe me!!!
  • You do not need to have the CONI translated at the British Embassy, but you may need it stamped there. Here in Tunisia the Embassy do not provide translation services but they can give you names of approved translators.
  • Maria - it is much cheaper to do the translations here in Tunisia. It can be done in a couple of days and per page will cost you around tnd10.000 so much cheaper than the UK
  • Call them and make sure that they can.
  • bouhmid - I just googled and found the consulate is in Istanbul as well as Ankara so perhaps this will assist you. Tunisian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey Süleyman Seba Cad., BJK Plaza A Blok, Kat:7, No:71-72 34357, Akaretler Besiktas Istanbul Turk…
  • bouhmid - you should call the Tunisian embassy to find out exactly what they require. You need definitely to register the marriage as it must be noted on your certificate de naissance. You can have a copy of the marriage contract made and certifie…
  • Bouhmid - absolutely you must register your marriage and you know that!!!
  • Guerradios - you should make sure that you have all the original documents given back to you!! They will keep the certified copies.
    in Translation Comment by Lesley February 1
  • Bassem - I don't understand......your lawyer should send the invitation by FedEx so that you have tracking and signed receipt. She doesn't have to reply or acknowledge. Once the letter is sent the court gives a date for divorce hearing. If she do…
  • Bassem You say that you have already been to the court but I don't understand why you can't have the divorce after 3 times. The divorce can take some time for you but until you send the invitation from the court it won't start. Please let me ha…
  • Silverfish where were your two friends? Why did you not go to a police station immediately- sorry but now it's far too late. You have to go in person and with a witness.
  • Marwan - are you currently in Tunis? Let me know your resident status (do you have carte de sejour) and I can give you the answers
  • loool! I would rather to be in the Palace!!! Then you could see many quick changes
  • Guerradios - I am laughing because my family here think I am more Tunisian than they are!! They usually send me to do the hard jobs lol! great that you went to notaire......we told you easy. So have your fiancée find out how long it take to have h…
  • It's not a problem, you don't make me angry!! I know sometimes it's difficult to understand because not all tell you exactly what you need to do here. Don't worry because me too I get very angry with some of the departments here and scream and sho…
  • Oooof Guerradios - why are you making this so complicated. Find a local notaire and have him do all the work for you. Don't try to save a few millimes as this will probably cost you later!! Otherwise spend the money and go to the Embassy of Bulga…
  • Guerradios - the notaire can certify all the documents, he can prepare the contract of marriage, he can conduct the marriage and then he can register the marriage for you.