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  • Dear Roni & lonely63

    Reading what you write they are both scammers you'll never see them. Names change but stories stay the same - cut contact with them no matter how much you love them - keep your money go on a singles holiday and…
  • Dear What to do

    You did the right thing - take it from one that was scammed and saw the light. She is mad at you because she is probably taking her frustration/hurt etc out on you. I felt totally ashamed couldn't tell anyone in case I…
  • Dear Worried

    Show her this site and if she can't see she is being scammed / taken for a ride then more fool her. You can't make folks stop sending money etc but hopefully reading all these notes she will come to her senses. There is n…
  • Dear Totally Broken

    Don't let the b*stards get you down. I can sympathise with you totally. I was contacted by a person via 'Are You Interested' on Facebook. He was a dish and to be honest couldn't think why someone so gorgeous was i…
  • Sorry to say I doubt there is anywhere to report these people the Police won't take any notice as we willing gave money. Not sure what country you are from but in UK there is a site crime stoppers an independant agency that might look into it any y…
  • Don't listen re the Hotel Manager it was the Hotel Manager he asked me to make the cash out to and it was a girl's name. So must be in partnership. Check out the message that gives a site to check where an e-mail comes from. My first came from L…
  • maybe we all should send to police but what is his real name and where is he based. The trouble with the internet. Glad you didn't send money. How many of the other entries on these pages are him or her come to that do we really know???
  • Hi there - wish I saw this site first I've been had, so I'm a MUG, by the same guy as someone above today 27/04/2009
    - quote above his name is Eric Capello supposed to be based in Isle of Man I have 2 mobile numbers for him one for when he was…