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  • So as an update to my experience with being scammed by someone in Ghana.  The name the person in Ghana is using to scam me is Anthony Delia.  He says he is originally from Italy but currently lives in Dublin Georgia.  He is charming and romantic (li…
  • Feelingstupid - please email me offline at [email protected]  I would like to show you photos he sent me to see if he is the same person.  He is still contacting me, even after I accused him of trying to scam me.  He got very upset and tried …
  • Your insight is right on point - I don't think there was one thing that you said that he hadn't done. The Dear and Hun and Sweetheart...very heavily used... All those terms if endearment that women love to hear - showing tenderness and romance. Ho…
  • Thank you - so spoke with him this evening as he doesn't know I know anything - so it was sad to talk and listen to him talking to me as if everything is just wonderful. He is good for sure - even told me he was so concerned because he couldn't rea…
  • Thank you Alethia.  Yes, the more I have done research today the more I am convinced it is a scan.  And no, I will not be sending him a phone, but he doesn't know this.  He is forwarding me an address to send it to in Ghana as he thinks I have purch…
  • Does this story sound familiar to anyone...Lives in the US - from Italy - wife died a few years ago in car accident - has a 15 year old son - lives in Georgia.  Does contracting work for gold, diamond mining - sends photos of himself - very very goo…