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  • Your not wrong there Alethia.
  • Thank you both for your help....The registrar finally sent me an email....Its going to cost £57 to get a new one sent....Sounds like an awful lot of money..It only costs approx £15 to get a copy in England..
  • I have sent emails to the registrar in Malawi, asking about who I need to send the money too, but to bo avail
  • The UK man who wants the divorce doesnt know anyone in Malawi, apart from his Malawian wife, who lives in UK...She is not helping him & her family out in Malawi are also not helping him, even though he asked for help via facebooking his wifes ha…
  • Childish behaviour....All I have done is asked for help & advise. You gave that to me to which I replied thank you so much...I know nothing about this woman or her family. All I can go by is what he has said. He lived out there for 3yrs & to…
  • I have sent an email to the registrar in Blantyre asking for advise on how to obtain it....He has no one in Blantyre that can help him....Her family wont help as they dont want him to divorce her & have been told they are all crooks. That is why…
  • Again thank you very much...Just need to obtain the marriage certificate from Blantyre where they married. Do you know how long this would take until the husband receives it & how much it costs.
  • Thank you so much....You have helped immensly. Yes the woman still lives in the UK but does not live with her husband. They have lived apart for nearly 5yrs. She now has a British passport, not sure about the visa thing.