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  • My scammer got the shits because I questioned why a man with a multi million dollar contract wanted an Australian $100 phone charge card and I haven't heard from him since. Good riddance, I now think dating sites are full of scammers targeting vulne…
  • Thanks Althea, I have emailed you. You have been such a great help before I lost any money
  • he has given me a phone number to recharge, how can I check the number?
  • Altria I wish I could show you the certificate for the roads, it is 13.5 million yet he has just asked me for an Australian $100 phone recharge because he can't get it in Malaysia. He has also been blessed with a beautiful body that women crave yet …
  • Thank you for this response, you have confirmed what I suspected. I did contact the website but got a rubbish response. Today I have asked him if we can Skype at the weekend, he said yes. I am wondering how he could do that if he is a scammer, I won…
  • I think I am in the middle of a scam and would appreciate anyone who can respond. I met a guy on a dating site 4 for widowers, I am unfortunately a widow. This guy, his name is Peter Lance Cullin, he lives in USA but wants to return to Australia, hi…