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  • I never site Vietnam but when I was traveling Germany, I have used https://www.covomo.com/ for my travel insurance. It was easy and simple to get travel insurance. You may visit this site to get some basic idea on travel insurance.
  • Thanks a lot of your help. I already got about health insurance in Germany. One of my German Facebook friends recommend me to visit https://www.covomo.com/health-insurance-tourists-info/. It is saying that i can get my health insurance under one con…
  • It is true that most of the insurance agency doesn't cover at old ages. But few of them provide insurance for elderly. When i was traveling with my father, he is 67 and we get health insurance coverage. So i think no need to worry about it. You will…
  • Best time to visit India is around December to February. In this period weather is perfect for traveling. So if you are thinking to visit India than plan your trip around December to February.
  • Now in India 1 dollar= 39.28 Indian Rupee and it can slightly vary. How much it cost in living or having foods its totally depends on you. If you stay in a luxuries it could cost around Rs 5000-20000. So its up to you.
  • The most famous beach in India is Goa.But i lot of other attractive beaches in India. So when you are traviling in India you can visit Radhanagar Beach, Tarkarli beach,Mandrem etc.
  • I think August and September is not suitable for visiting Goa. If you visit Goa in between mid December to mid February that would be best for you.
  • I think India is a great place for tourist. There are a lot of places to visit in India. Rajasthan is one of them. In Rajasthan you can visit Ranthambore National Park Pushkar Camel Fair Sariska Tiger Reserve Jaipur For more information you ca…
  • I think if you  visit India between October to February that would be best. In this time period weather of India is really good. You will enjoy your tour so much.
  • I think Goa will be the best place for visit. It has a nice sea beach and i hope you will like it.
  • I think this is not the right time to visit India. Because election is running in India. So i think best time to visit India after the election. Normally try to avoid Kashmir.
  • I think if you hire a taxi that would be best for you. Cost of taxi in India is not so high.
  • In India government has fixed the rate of Taxi. It is rs.14 per km. So i think it is not so expensive but if you visit through train that could be much more cheaper than Taxi.