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  • Thanks so much for the advice Lesley. I wish it was longer than 2 days - but it's just a stop over between the States and South Africa. Perhaps it'll be a taste of more to come :)
  • Hi 3r1cl33

    If you take a look at the weather forecast on sites such as weather.com you will be able to find out about the specific weather forecast for this time of year. I think it has already snowed once in Seoul already this month an…
  • Hi Kris, I lived in Vietnam for a few months last year. I was only on travel insurance rather than an expat plan and I didn't need to use the hospitals. But why don't you have a look at the site Expat Arrivals. They've got some good articles abut h…
  • Hi Angela, maybe you should check with the Malaysian embassy in the UK to see if you can arrange a longer visa. Check out their contact number is on the Wordtravels Malaysia Visa page Also, if you're planning on working in Malaysia, Wordtravels sis…
  • Hi Janette,
    I've heard it's quite difficult for South Africans to acquire British citizenship unless one of your parents or grandparents was born in the UK. have a look at the Work Permits page on www.expatarrivals.com it has some useful info …
  • I don't think you need a visa if your passport says 'British Citizens', if you look under entry requirements for UK Nationals on the Visa and Passports page of the Canada section of the wordtravels website it says that your passport needs to be vali…