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  • Ella, thanks for your quick reply. Your shared information is very helpful for my trip. I must follow your instructions. Can you tell me about some historical sights as well as some best parks and zoos?
    in Spain Comment by Baylee July 2014
  • According to my point of view June to August is a best time to visit this region. Christmas is also a best time to visit because it is a magical time to visit. Weather is also very great during Christmas. 
  • Best time to visit Egypt in fall (Sept –Nov) and in spring (Feb-Apr). It is the peak travel season when most travelers come. Temperatures are a lot better for those not used to the heat. 
  • October to March is a nice season to visit India. It is also one of my favorite times of the year to visit this region. In winter the weather is beautifully predictable with blue skies and bright sunshine in the most areas. 
  • BahaiTemple is also a nice place to see near Delhi. It is very famous because of its flower like shape. It is located in the southern part of Delhi. I have been there many years ago with my brother. 
  • Discussion going well! I think all members have great knowledge about travel. In these days I am planning a trip to Spain in coming vacations with my family. Any members tell me some best sights that are best for family trip?
    in Spain Comment by Baylee June 2014