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  • Why not blend two completely different places to get the most out of what Thailand has to offer? You could mix a week at a fully catered, private pool villa in the countryside where you will experience the true heart of the Thais' Thailand, with …
  • Lucia, If you want to get away from the tourist traps and see a more authentic side of the country off the beaten path, you could head up to the rice-farming Northeast and stay at a fully catered private pool villa (try www.geckovilla.com or www.th…
  • Your hotel will be able to offer a dedicated transfer - but these are expensive at THB1,000 to 2,000 and up. Your best bet is to avoid the airport arrivals floor and all touts. Go up to the departures floor, then hail a taxi that has just set off …
  • Your best option is to exchange foreign currency cash in Bangkok for Thai Baht. You will receive a better exchange rate in Thailand than overseas. Several small money changers will also give better rates still than the Thai banks.
    ATMs take M…
  • You will need a valid (US blue cover) passport that will not expire within a period of 6 months from your date of entry into Thailand.

    If on government buiness and if coming to Thailand to carry out government business alone, you can us…
  • Most of Thailand will experience three main seasons: - November to January: Dry, sunny days and cool nights. - February to May: Hot and dry. April is considered the hottest months - June to November: The Green Season (so swap a beach holiday for r…