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  • Hi, @Jamie_L . I would recommend sticking to the north of Vietnam for such a short trip. You can do this a few ways, but I would recommend spending two to three days Hanoi, exploring the old town around Hoan Kiem lake and trying Bia Hoi (local beer…
  • Hey, @BruQue . While many people in Turkey do practise Islam, the country itself is officially secular. This means that no religious laws are used to govern the country. In short, alcohol is very easily available and popular. How long will you be…
  • @Alethia thank you for that useful information!
  • @karenstobo From which African country does your partner come?
  • @Outerspare @Traverous Palawan is a beautiful place with some amazing diving opportunities. I you're looking to found out a bit more, try the Word Travels Guide to the Philippines.
  • It's a pleasure! I hope you found it useful. What have you decided to do?
  • Tips for Travelling in Turkey Part 2 by @Alethia image source: Andrew Moore (Flickr) 6. Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the world’s greatest cities, but unlike any other city Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. Istanbul…
  • Hi, @asterso2000 . When will you be arriving in Hong Kong? Why don't you check out the Word Travels Guide to Hong Kong
  • @glacialunicorn31 I think Alethia's advice is very sound. Have you had a look at her suggestions? Both Chiang Mai and Hua Hin should be relatively simple to reach. What is your budget for transport? Will you be flying or going overland? And a word…
  • @glacialunicorn31 I don't think you have to discount the idea of visiting some of Thailand's beautiful islands during monsoon season. Like in a lot of countries in South East Asia, monsoon season is often characterised by short, heavy bursts of ra…
  • @Alethia - thanks for the great advice. I can also recommend Agoda.com which often has excellent deals and a useful book-now-pay-later function. @glacialunicorn31 Do you have any idea of particular areas in Thailand that you might want to check out…
  • @AltezzaTravel what were the highlights from your visit to Kazakhstan?
  • Hi, @DylBrunds. A holiday to Trinidad and Tobago sounds like great fun. You're also quite lucky in that Trinidad and Tobago were not as badly affected by the recent spate of hurricanes as the rest of the Caribbean. How long will you be in T&T …
  • Hi, @MariaBotha Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. As a result, you'll need to apply for your visa via the US embassy. For more information, click here.
  • Hi, @sitiirah That sounds exciting! Will you be in transit only through Malaysia, or will you be spending more time there? Also, when do you plan to return to Singapore from Australia? Often your passport must be valid for certain period of time a…
  • @ianMpackham Do you know anything about moving through Tanzania and across to Zanzibar?
  • Hi, Mathieu. Despite there being no direct train to Prague's city centre, you have quite a few options at your disposal. Which one you take depends largely on two factors: the time you arrive at PRG and and your budget. The last bus from the airpo…
  • @TravelEthiopia (Muluken), what do you think? Can you give @PeterMcNulty any advice from your knowledge of Ethiopia?
  • Hi, Lllitbag Word Travels has some really excellent travel guides. Why not take a look at the Venice guide here? What are your particular interests? Do you prefer art, architecture, history, or soaking up the atmosphere of a city?
  • @Bertie One of the best ways to stay safe is to keep up to date with the latest travel news. Take this article about volcanic eruptions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example. About 15 years ago Mount Nyiragongo erupted and devastated …
  • @Miriamtravels Do you have any advice for Bertie?
  • Hi, @Deniedvisa @Alethia is much more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the visa process. However, why would you not want appeal that decision?
  • Hi, Deniedvisa Proving ties to your country can be done by providing proof of residence (a utility bill or bank statement that displays both your name and home address), proof of employment (a signed letter from your employer stating that you work …
  • Please do not resurrect old threads as this goes against our forum guidelines. In future, please start a new discussion.
  • Hi, ZEE1234. Here is a list of countries for which SA citizens do not need a visa. Please remember that this is a rough guide and you must make sure you check the exact requirements with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation.
  • Hi, Garula. While I haven't personally visited Georgia, I always find it useful to look at travel advice from reliable platform like the British FCO. Here's there advice on Georgia. I hope this helps. Regards Luke, Word Travels Editor.
  • @Adair001 , you need not have drawn up your bucket list yet: off the top of your head, where would you most like to travel?
  • Hi, Polite. How long do you plan on spending in Dubai, as usually the visa amounts vary depending on your stay?
  • Hi, Bert Fascinating idea for a discussion topic! My bucket list goes like this: 1. The Philippines: Famously friendly people, a fascinating history, and mind-bogglingly beautiful islands, beaches and marine life. 2. Russia: Perpetually steeped i…
  • Hi, Sam Russia would make an excellent start to your gap year! If you're interested in history and culture then St Petersburg is definitely a must-see. Before the revolution, St Petersburg was the capital of Russia and the cultural centre of Easter…