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  • hello,barari,when did you receive your visa eventually ? if you dont mind...:)
  • Dear Alethia in relations to your reply below...when applying for spouse visa with child depandant who is not bioplogical child of my husband......does it mean that for my child i have to complete both Appendix 1 and Appndix 2 ??? __________________…
  • Hello,could you please kindly help....when completing on-line application for child traveling with mother to join mother's husband as sponsor in the UK ...which appendix needs to be completed Appendix 1 or Appendix 2? on line application gives opeti…
  • Will immigration officer concider my expected date of entry,or these 30 days will be given from the moment,when visa is issued ? Thank you in advance!!!!
  • Hello,Alethia, Coudl you please kindly clarify,in case of spouse visa application from UAE,what i will see on my visa in terms of validity of entry.How it will be identified on my visa,how soon i have to leave.I can not find any information on GOV.U…
  • Hello,we are in process of prpearing...so many questions Could you please kindly advise...if the notarized translated copy of the document which is not in English is sufficient or document needs to have Apostile.Thank you!!!!!!!
  • Could you please kindly advise...if im applying together with my 8 years son...and all sponsor's original docs as pay slips...etc will be with my application...can I attach with my son's application only copies?
  • Thank you very much for your propmt reply! Does it mean I cant leave UK within entire 33 month period? Is there any restrictions placed by goverment,could you please kindly clarify...thank you!!!!
  • Hello,could you please suggest if I apply for spouse visa from Dubai and leave UAE according to visa,requirements ( in case its granted) ,can I come back to UAE to finalise all my work related things after one week...spend sometime in UAE...and go …