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  • @Alethia you have such a good soul! Thank you for always being there for us. @kbishawkarma i am also from Nepal,, applying tourist visa to Switzerland this December
  • Thank you very much @Alethia ! Now, i understood very much clearly!
  • Thank you @Alethia! But i saw a post where you wrote that "going to different embassies for visa is, visa shopping and can be frowned upon unless you change the travel plan". I am really curious to get the understanding on this topic. My apology for…
  • @Alethia could you plz elaborate little bit more about changing the travel plan. Does it mean to apply different visa category besides tourism?
  • Thank you very much for the sound advise @Alethia .
  • @Alethia yes i have applied in German embassy in 2013 in nepal and i got visa as well.
  • And what if the biometric was not taken before at the time of visa application ? Will the VIS still find out about the previous travel history? @Alethia
  • Ok @Alethia i understood your point. Thank you very much. I might ask you things again if i wrestler with my thoughts regarding the documents .
  • Oh thanks a lot @Alethia ! My mom and son live with me. We are family of three at home. My son is still depend upon me for eduication. He has just finished his high school. Land lease and ownership is not necessary?
  • @Alethia i want to be fully prepared before i lodge the visa. Plz guide me through. I am also reading the old post from you but i didn't find the topic which is im about to ask. My query is, after the bank balance cert given at the embassey can i w…
  • @patelyash36 and how did you manage with that source of fund? Did you get visa? @Alethia is it mandatory now that the applicant must show the source of fund?
  • @Alethia thank you! I am worried because i didn't return on my previous visa but i followed the article 88 to remain in portugal. What must i do next to show my documents more strong and precise? Your advise will be highly appreciated.
  • Ok. Thank you very much Alethia!
  • @Alethia thank you very much for the kind response. I really would love to get advise from you on this matter again. I don't want to get back to portugal again as i already left with my clear conscience . And this spring i would love to see Switzerl…
  • @Alethia i went to portugal in 2013 but under article 88 i lived and worked continue paying tax to portuguese government. SEF called me to do fingerprint in 2015 but took time to issue the card. So i left the process and decided to come home for go…
  • Hi @Alethia i also had a question about refusal of visa. I post in few threads but i don't know where it is missing