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  • The main security issue at this time (in my city which is Salvador da Bahia) is the theft of SMARTPHONES ... Of course waving around with your iphone of tablet for taking pictures is an ideal way of getting mugged ! I am not saying you cannot take a…
  • As a Belgian expat I have been living in Salvador / Bahia / Brazil for a decade now. Surely there are security issues, but be honest with me ... nowadays what large cities in the world have no security issues at all ? Take Europe for instance, with …
  • Citizens from the European Community do not need visa. For visitors going to Salvador da Bahia and want specific information about to get around in the city the most efficient way take a look at this page
  • The whole of Brazil started a good 500 years ago in Bahia, when at 1st November 1501 the Bay of All Saints (second largest bay in the world after Hudson) was discovered.Needless to say the cultural heritage that has been built in and around Salvador…
  • The Brazilian Real currency has been depreciating about 25% in 2013.So it would be unfair to say Brazil is expensive to travel. A euro for example makes for 3.19R$ these days. Meals here in Salvador at noon between 10 and 20R$ per person, a decent…
  • Safety is much depending on yourself.Here in Salvador da Bahia for example one needs to be as discrete as possible, in other words : do not show off in any possible way and you'll be pretty safe. Also : do not walk where you are having doubts, in c…
  • Never forget "the Black pearl of Brazil, Bahia " on your trip to this wonderfull land ! Bahia is situated in the north east and has a 90% 'colored' population, hence the name "black pearl" I am living here in Salvador (capital of Bahia) for quite …
  • TIM ... COMPLETE AND UTTERLY MAFFIA (as all the Brazilian telecom-operators) but they have the cheapest rates (0.25R$ per conversation, unlimited time for a TIM/TIM call) for the rest they try to rob you at whatever possibility problem is in Brazil…
  • one should be concerned with safety always ! but not necessarily more here in Brazil than in the rest of the world always the same basic rule (in the whole world) : stay out of the spotlight, do not attract / create any attention and you will automa…
  • I have been living for several years in Salvador - Bahia now never had real trouble (knock knock knock) but there are some easy ways to prevent criminality (being as discrete as possible is the main rule, do not attract any attention !) I think ther…