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  • Hi justkaz,

    I think that yes, you can. It's always a good idea to take with you your doctor's prescription, though.

    kind regards,
  • myartist1,
    Minibuses run every 20 minutes and buses every hour. If you have ay other queries don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Hi myartist1,
    Yes, there are buses in the island – minibuses which are free inside cities and regular buses that ran every hour between cities, Angra and Praia for instance. In this case the price will be 2,5 € and the duration of the trip 1 h…
  • Hi 00209,
    Yes June is a great time to visit Portugal and Sofitel is a great choice.
    Can you provide more information about yourself? I would like to reply to you in more detaill but never do it without having more information about who …
  • I would say wear pants instead: they are appropriate for casual and formal situations.

    But if you mean you would like to know if it will be sunshine or rain, well I can't answer that one. I can tell you that we have mild temperatures an…
  • You just came to the right place. Portugal is a great destination!
  • Hi,
    Can you clarify? Didn't quite get it - 'you're heading to the Uk in July' & 'best way to get there from the Uk'?
    You mentioned kids? Like 3 months or 3 years old? 3 kids or 30 kids?
    Sorry, doesn't make sense.
  • The weather in April in Portugal Cascais: just the best among the best, as far as we can guess considering that what you ask is virtually impossible to answer - professionals in the field don't venture beyond three days...

    That beeing s…
  • Could anyone tell me if there are local places of interest (historical buildings, shops, gardens etc. which are easily accessible and suitable for two giggling pensioners on another adventure!

    Hi Sian,
    For two 'giggling pensioner…
  • Although I'm not a meteorologist I would venture into the field to tell you that yes, it's generally nice, sunny and dry. You may say it's the equivalent to 'Indian Summer', if you like.
  • Dear Lunacita,
    The Flower Festival takes place during Spring time when the flowers are at their best. However, you have always the Madeira Botanical Garden, a gem of its kind.You can check it at
    http://www.sra.pt/jarbot/ing/frame1.htm <…
  • Hi Sandy,
    I'll advise you to look for - Crestuma, Vila Nova de Gaia - in Google Earth. As you know you can download GE for free and it gives you a glimpse of the area, distances, etc.
    Good luck,
  • Hi sorabhbaxi,
    I would definitely recommend the coast of Estoril and Sintra. There are a variety of hotels there. Sintra is beautiful with a ladscape classified as 'World Heritage Site', and is on a hill... You can surf the waves on the beache…