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  • Good decision..Block off all contact with him...The photos he sent you are fake photos of innocent people ..Be careful ...Pick up you dancing shoes and head out to town..Am sure you gonna find someone who appreciates you and not some stupid scammer.…
  • @ Nitenurse you should stop talking to him with immediate effect.His a scammer and soon his gonna start with his stories.Let me describe the scammer to you..His in his early 20's,un-employed,irresponsible and a drunk.He uses fake photos to pose to y…
  • visit
    There you will find answers from UAE lawyers
  • @ Lorn
    Be careful all the same.Ask them for their business registration info ,try have their home Landline and other necessary information you deem relevant.Am sure if its scam they are still gonna ask for the money maybe not soon.Be careful a…
  • Nobody should contact Prince Don for any travel purpose.His a fraudster..
    He tells you he can get Qatar and bahrain and kuwait visit visa for $2200..Dont be stupid to contact such people
  • @ Travelling Nurse;you sure make Nigeria sound like a hell hole.Like diseases are flying around in the air.Nigeria aint south america where people sell organs.I doubt if you have even been to Nigeria.Am a Nigerian and have travelled to few major cit…
  • @ lorn be careful of the Aupair job offer you got.Most expat here have babysitters and nannies arranged for them by their companies.Even if you did get the job the family is suppose to shoulder all expenses including airfare so be wary of sending mo…