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  • I wouldn't say that train travel is non~existent in NZ, but it may as well be. There are only three major train trips you can take. Auckland to/from Wellington (once a day, several times a week, at least 3 hours slower than coach). Picton to/from…
  • Oh, and as a matter of interest, I'm on a NZ road trip at the moment with an Australian friend. I hope that your trip entails taking in the Southern Alps from the Canterbury/Otago side as well as from the West Coast. As in, when you arrive fro…
  • HI THERE, Seriously.... as a dedicated NZ wine drinker I wouldn't bother with Martinborough at all, *IF* you want to spend most of your time in the South Island. We have so many areas of interest.... North & West Auckland, Waiheke …
  • It depends on what you want to do. Either month is good, but if you're into swimming and used to warmer waters then it needs to be February. (The above poster is right about temperatures etc.) We have no guarantees on weather. It can pour bu…
  • There should be no issue in taking them out of the country... they're not protected in anyway, as far as I am aware. Taking them into *your* country (whichever that is) will be a different matter!
  • try this web~site for some good advice. I've found it very useful. Personally, if there were 4 people travelling and the tube wasn't an option, I'd be looking to rent a car and tak…