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  • The best people to talk to would be the relevant quasi government department, which is the New Zealand Tourism Board. "google" will find you the links to the official web~site. They'll bend over backwards to accommodate all your needs, as touri…
  • I have no real idea, but I'm sure there are government web~sites that could answer the question. (We're big on having that sort of information on~line). I don't think there'd be anything stopping you making such enquiries whilst here on holiday, b…
  • I'd agree wholeheartedley that motorhoming is a great idea, but I have to say that 8 days is not enough time to really see the best NZ has to offer! With that little time, you're best flying in and out of Christchurch, as 8 days isn't even enough t…
  • The South Island is by far the most spectacular, and with only 17 days here, in total, it's going to be cramming things in to really see the country. However, I usually recommend the following places to people. In the North Island... about 4 hou…
  • Thanks Amigo.. ~ have spoken to a few other people who've done it on their own, and it seems safe enough to do so, and I'll practice saying "go away" very loudly between now and then. It worked in India, eventually! Am used to the problem of pest…
  • You should be able to find out what you need to know through this official site for NZ