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  • Egyptian man , why do you say men are liars when you are a man or are you a gentelmen and dont want to see maybe women hurt. Im a very good woman ,i work hard take care of my home put myself through college and have an associates degree in law enfo…
  • I love my Egyptian man with all my heart and could spend the rest of my life by his side always and be proud anywhere i go with him and we want kids together also. We love eachother nothing anyone else could say to me would not stop my heart from lo…
  • Hi shady, I value your input i know some about muslims and their ways. Mine does want to marry me but doesn't realy matter to him where we live. He loves egypt and i love the united states which if marriage was to take place then it i feel sooner or…
  • Hi egypt love, i know how you feel i am very cautious about internet relationships my guy i love him so much. I will be going sometime soon to meet him in person. But is your guy so jealous and possessive of you coz mine sure is. Mine is also …
  • I live in the USA does anyone know if i need a visa to travel to egypt.