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  • You may want to check around for a train system. I'm not very familiar with the Carolinas, but I know in the midwest we still have a decent train system which provides a fairly quick travel option with a nice scenic view. You could always check in…
  • Wozza - From what I understand of my friends from Egypt, Sharm El Shiekh is the tourist area of Egypt. Therefore, I would think it more acceptable there, than anywhere else. However, if you are travelling alone, or not with a man I would be wary o…
  • I almost forgot, we have water sports, snow skiing / boarding, and golf as well.
  • St. Louis Missouri is a wonderful place to visit as well. We have many fun things for the family (St. Louis Zoo - voted one of the best) a cool place called City Museum which is more of a playground for children and adults alike than a museum. We …
  • I know in Missouri, several of the state parks offer horseback riding. Also, along Missouri's rivers, you can go canoeing and some of the places also offer horseback riding.
  • Okay folks, just to put an end to the bickering (I feel like I'm on a yahoo forum) - I don't know about the laws of marrying in Egypt, BUT, for example, in the USA, you can bring your man to the US on a fiance' visa (which is the best route to go ac…