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  • I also want to add that even though Catalan is the official language, French and Spanish are also widely spoken which is quite natural considering the fact that is between the two countries. It is a tax haven in a way as well. There is no income tax…
  • I personally avoid visiting countries ruled by uncivilized governments which have no respect for human rights and treat criminals and murderers as heroes. It is under my dignity to visit the rat hole of clowns like Ghadafi who needs urgent psychiatr…
  • Hi Aaron! As a former immigrant to Canada and a Canadian citizen, I can advise you one thing, don;t go to Canada. Chefs are not valued as in European and other countries. Salaries are not that good and yet, prices are rocket high. Canada is really o…
  • The best thing to do is to go to www.cic.gc.ca and fill out a visitor's visa application pack. You may also call the Canadian embassy in London beforehand. Good luck!
  • Hello!

    You can try this site: http://www.amam.bg/index-en.php?session=12944258886864300

    If you need any info, let me know, Bulgarian is my native language even though I haven't lived there for a while.
  • Yes, be careful with the taxis in Bulgaria. As soon as they see that you are a foreinger, prices go up. The best thing to do is to book a taxi at an airport kiosk or to get a shuttle bus. There is a shuttle bus from Sofia Airport to the city centre …
  • Hello, mummi! First, let's clarify something, since you are a UK citizen you don't need a visa for Spain at all, even if you stay more than 3 months here, because you are a EU citizen. Your partner will need a visa with a Ghanian passport. He can ap…