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  • We spent around 9 days in Yangshuo and it was fun, but we still preferred Guilin. Better accommodation, much bigger and plenty to see and do. Yangshuo was charming but 3 nights would have been enough. Check our Blog if you want to know how we got…
  • We stayed in Guilin and loved it.
  • Of course there are many more places to visit in China- it's huge and we'll be back for more, probably next year (2011).
  • I'm assuming you're flyin from the UK, which means I have no idea about flights as we've been out of the country for over three years. Air Asia is the best airline we have found in Asia but I'm not sure of how much coverage it has in China- very li…
  • ** Update ** It's confirmed. We picked up our passports with shiny new visas (valid until 29th September- three months) yesterday and it cost us nothing, bar the travel agent's service fee. Apparently the offer IS likely to around until March 201…
  • Thanks for commenting and good luck with your business.
  • Greatly appreciate all the comments but we've now left China having had a marvellous time in Guanzhou, Guilin & Yangshuo (we also had time in Hong Kong & Macau). What can I say? It's a great country with marvellous people and we're already…
  • Thanks for the advice. We may use this on our next visit.
  • Sadly we will shortly be coming to the end of our first tour of China and we cannot use you on this occasion. Had we known earlier, we would definitely have considered your offer as this would have made our first stay even more memorable. Good l…
  • Not familiar with a business visa but we now have our tourist visa, valid for one month. On the application form we had to give details of our itinerary but it was only rough as we're not sure of our plans yet and we had no problem getting the vi…
  • Appreciate your help- great link. Thanks.
  • Cheers for the advice guys, a cab sounds like the best bet. As has been pointed out, taxi drivers aren't always the most honest of professions, but occasionally you'll find a decent one. Sarajevo is a case in point; it was cheaper to get a taxi an…