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  • I am pretty much 100% certain that the Nigerian police do not give a crap about westerners who have got ripped off via scams over the internet. they don't care, what with all the murders, insurrections, hijackings and kidnaps they are dealing with.
  • I found some real gems in the city: the food in Little Italy, the coffee pretty much all over the city, the harbour cruise, Alcatraz, and Beach Blanket Babylon was one of the best shows I've seen (I do have weird taste though). Overrated was the Mui…
  • Try Lesotho for horseback safaris that will blow your mind and truly benefit the local community. I think Prince Harry did this when he visited southern Africa recently.
  • Only shop at the Duty free if you are in-bound and need to get some booze!! Otherwise its very expensive. In the modern world online retailers can provide everything cheaper in your own country without any of the problems assocaited with transfering…
  • A lot of people don't know about the new Dubai Metro system which opened in 2009. It goes from Jebel Ali all the way to the airport, then inland to All Rashidiya. Most of the malls are connected. There is a Gold class cabin, and special carriages fo…
  • Does anyone read the previous posts before asking questions? June is a month away, who knows what happens then. For now, Bangkok is safe, unless you make it with a ladyboy and catch unspeakable VD.
  • Crissy, thanks so much for the advice. I hope you don't mind a few more questions. First up: is it possible to do a 1 day ski trip from New York City in early April? Are there are any resorts close enough to make this viable? Second option: How lon…
  • Roxy - take *some* cash in US dollars, but for gods sake dont take 3000!!! Get that in travellers cheques, which you can easily change when you need at a central bank. Sure you lose a little bit on the exchange but its worth it for the security bene…
  • Essentials Passport - valid 6 months after date of travel, (1 photocopy) Ticket - or confirmation code for E-ticket Visa – get it close to departure date to make sure it's still valid Suitcase/bag - with small combination lock Clothing - depends e…
  • Take a city bus tour in mid morning or afternoon once traffic has died down a little. Avoid trying to sightsee during work rush - tubes are very busy and frantic, and taxis impossible. Your list of attractions is great, although i might add an hour …
  • Unless you have mobility issues, I strongly advise you to explore Venice on your own steam. It will be cheaper, more fun and you'll have a better experience than if you were stuck in a large group. Buy a guide book or print out an online guide and y…
  • Whether you’re an amateur or experienced diver, nothing beats the feeling of diving in the waters of another country for the first time. Divers know that exploring vivid pink and red coral reefs juxtaposed by turquoise waters, green sea grass and ir…
  • Dubrovnik in Croatia is awesome.
    Rhodes in Greece.
    Giants Causeway in Ireland.

    Interesting to think what is must-NOT-see, ie. the very disappointing places:

    Las Ramblas
    Rome in total
  • What on earth is the Latvia episode? I gotta admit, I'm curious now.
  • There are some great things to see and do in the midwest ... you might not know that wine can be found throughout the region. I believe that Catawba grapes were first discovered in Ohio in 1802 and today vineyards bursting with Catawba grapes cover…
  • Do not be tempted to go for a safari that is close to Cape town: Aquilla markets itself as a big5 game reserve 2 hours from Cape Town. It is not the real thing and in fact is very disappointing if you exepect the proper safari experience. Avoid! One…
  • If you would like a winelands holiday, suggest you stay in Franschhoek- the beautiful food capital of South Africa. It’s about 90 mins from Cape Town, and 40 mins from Stellenbosch. Superb restaurants, and plenty of places to stay. http://www.fransc…
  • I like the Sporades islands which inlcudes Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. Skiathos is the best known - it has great beaches and plenty of resorts which get busy in summer. Skopelos is quiet and scenic, and the manin town is very pretty. Alonissos…
  • Thanks guys, ok it is far easer that i thought. But, damn, the tickets are expensive!!! Good seat E80, cheat seat E30. Does it make a difference where i sit - are spanish fans violent like they are in England or Turkey?
  • I also don't mind to see Valencia or Villareal. But top of the list is Barcelona at Nou Camp