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  • Always a pleasure.
    Which ever airport you arrive at will have ATM machines, Marrakech has 3 I believe and also a BdeC so no need to buy MAD in your own country especially as you will not get anywhere near the same exchange rate as in Morocco.<…
  • Rather than pre-book via the internet and pay higher rates, I suggest you wait until you actually arrive.
    Ask in your riad or check the hotel lobby, depending on where ou are staying. Riads will suggest guides with drivers and hotels offer var…
  • When you do intend to change them back into GBP on your departure from Marrakech, ensure yo have any receipts which were issued when you changed GBP to MAD as they are sometimes very particular and like to see evidence that you did get MAD in Morocc…
  • Depends from which country you are travelling.
    If from a euro zone country then take €'s, if from UK take Sterling.
    Go back to page one of this thread and read the second posting about currency.
  • Drinking tap water does raise concerns as this contain bacteria which is harmful to health.
    You are safe to use tap water for hand washing, shower, brushing teeth.
    Drinking water should only be taken from bottles (Sidi Ali, Sidi Harazim …
  • Well I'm baffled!
    I have exchanged UK bank notes on many occasions without fuss. No-one else has ever said the contrary.
    All I can think of is the notes were tatty - all notes MUST be in near perfect condition as a rule, no tears or ink …
  • Yh - casual dress will do just fine.
  • Jamie - is not a hard line Muslim state. You are not asked or expected to cover yourself for example as you have probably discovered from your research.
    Tourist destination within Morocco, such as Marrakech or Agadir, are quite cosmopolitan an…
  • claicerrig - Book trips/excursions when you arrive through youir hotel or riad.
    They always have details of trips and operators offering these in the lobby area.
    Get in touch by e-mail and I will send you what details I have on trips (jk…
  • Using ATM does involve double charging, a subject currently being investigated by the UK government.
    The charges are those which your card issuer charges and also the bank which is dispensing money.
    There is a Bureau de Change at the ai…
  • Forgive me for asking but where in Morocco are you going? It is a big country and your question is a bit vague.
  • You should wait until you arrive in Marrakech and book your trips either through your riad/hotel or wander around Gueliz which is an area just outside of the medina walls, near the bus and rail station.
    Here you will find operators in shops of…
  • jabby - NO is the answer, just the way Nigerian Pounds cannot be used as a substitute for British Pounds in the UK.
    Hint - AUE is not the UK, geddit?
  • I keep mine for the next`visit.
    People do sell these on ebay but be absolutely sure you are getting Moroccan Dirhams and not UAE Dirhams.
    Alternatively ask on tripadisor as quite a few have tried to offload theirs here.
  • Sarah - I would not change all your cash but maybe about £100 or €150's worth. This dependes largely on your spending habits.
    I take cash but generally use only my debit card in the ATM. The cash is fo emergency use only. I wrote an article da…
  • This depends from where you are travelling.
    If you are in a Euro-zone country then it makes sense to only take Euro's and exchange when there.
    If you are from the UK then you should take only GBP and exchange these on arrival. It makes n…
  • In spite of your apprehensions I am sure you will be perfectly safe.
    Moroccans love children so if you do get attention, this is why.
    Most traders in the tourist parts on Marrakech will speak a fair amount of English so don't be afraid t…
  • You will find most furniture is hand made which means you can have it made to your specifications.
    Perhaps the souks are a good start although these are scattered over a large and will take up quite a bit of time searching.
    What I have l…
  • If you are clever with concealing your camera then you can get the locals in frame without their knowing. One trick I use is to aim at buildings, rugs, cats etc and get the result this way, although I don't often photograph people.
    If you do w…
  • You go by train from Tanger to Marrakech as it is a ten hour journey.
    The fare is 190Dh€19 second class or 290Dh/€29 first class.
    As it is such a long way you could get the overnight sleeper, not sure what the costs are at this point.
  • No, unlike Egypt (or is it Turkey?) who charge for a visa on entry Morocco does not.
    The only bureaucratic nonsense is to fill in an entry certificate which asks for personal details such as where you originate, date and place of birth, occupa…
  • Unfortunately for all of us there are several hundred riads and hotels within the medina (yes it really is that big) so making a decision on which is the best is near impossible as I haven't stayed at all of them.
    The following are the top six…
  • Marrakech is the top destination in Morocco and as such 5* hotels charge premium rates.
    There are, to my knowledge, 46 five star hotels in Marrakech, some are in Palmeraie where you find spas and the like with nothing much to see but there are…
  • No-one can predict the weather or say this year it will rain in November. On that note, there were only five days with moderate rainfall in November of last year.
    I have been for short stays during Sept-Nov and have only experienced slight rai…
  • Generally people go for dades Gorge or waterfalls. If you are into rafting then this is actually possible up in the mountains.
    April is a bit more expensive, peak time I understand.
    Winter suits me better but it does get cold during the …
  • Get in touch (jklejna@aol.com) and I will send you detailed info on sights of Marrakech and also day trips available.
    All you really need is a good map which I can also supply, half the fun of sight-seeing is getting lost!
  • If you have the riad cook for you this will come at a price. Food is invariably centred on meat and seafood in Morocco although the riad will accommodate your requirements.
    In the medina are hundreds of Moroccan and European style restaurants …
  • When at the airport, you can use either the Bureau de Change or an ATM of which there are two. ATM's frequently run out of money of Friday and weekends and are not stocked up again until the following week.
    You will probably be given large not…
  • Getting a taxi from the airport can be a costly affair, typical rates are anything between 80 and 150Dirhams as the drivers do try it on with visitors.
    It may help to know at which hotel you are staying.
    Bus service number 19 goes from t…