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  • Dear Saraha, Many EU members nations does that and they do not have any problem. As I know you may get easily on the VISA desk in istanbul airports. I do not think you will have problem. In this point I have to say a big BUT I can not speak in the …
  • Dear Saraha, Visa could be multiple entrance or single entrance. Single entrance visa works only for 1 entrance and you may stay full period in Turkey but with only one entrance. If you have Multiple entrance visa you may go in and out of turkey m…
  • Dear Saraha, Please visit Foreign Ministry Official web site http://www.mfa.gov.tr/visa-information-for-foreigners.en.mfa to get info about visa process of different nationalities. Sincerely, ismail
  • Thank you for the info. It is always better to get from local. I will ask my wife to check Goynuk and squeeze it somewhere in our itinerary. Probably we stay little longer than a week. May be we should drive Antalya. It would be cool to have vehicle…
  • I do live in istanbul but Antalya turns out our second home. We had our uncle is living in Antalya just behind Konyaalt? beach and now my newly wed brother in law moved to Antalya. Also we made our reservation to stay in Antalya 1 week I believe sta…
  • Believe me it was not easy neither of us in Turkey. We were all millionaires. :-)
  • Sorry for the misinfo. I got confused. You are right. Actually 1,000,000.00 Old TL became 1.00 YTL ( we throw away six zeros ) than YTL called again TL with new banknotes. If you do have old 1 million TL it is less than 0.50 cents / EURO. But you …
  • Actually those Old TL has 10 years time to change but none will accept it in the market. It is appx: 40.00 EURO. www.tcmb.gov.tr is the central bank website.
  • The best way to have flight to Antalya. It is simplest, cheapest and fastest method. www.flypgs.com/en/ is the link for PEGASUS AIRLINES.
  • Traveallers cheques are not recommended. Not any more. VISA, Mastercard is accepted all over Turkey in even small shops. GB£ is well known and you may use. I am not sure about Scottish Notes.
    Best currency could be EURO to use.

  • You can view the detailed weather forecast from below link.
  • Actually AKBIL gives chance to use the second vehicle on a limited time after you used the fist one.
    Also you should pay to buy it. If any credit left inside it will turn out garbage.

    So either you can buy tokens in all around all…
  • I do recommend big brands like http://www.atasay.com/
    they even have online shopping opportunity. you may check the designs and prices.
    If you pay something with small rocks etc. they do fix it free of charge and they give certificate ab…