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  • This lady has said they wont hand over the puppy to her because she hasnt paid full amount for transportation lol she just emailed me telling me this.
    She says puppy has been registered to me but head office in cameroon is saying she hasnt pai…
  • Funny thing is their agency is in my country but the head office is in cameroon.
    Come to think of it this ladys english isnt so good either but she still insists that she will make sure the puppy is delivered to me.
    Anyway has any1 noti…
  • Hi
    I live in Australia & was looking for a puppy free to good home.
    A lady emailed me saying she had a puppy she was looking for a good home for.
    She lives in a different state to me.
    We emailed back & forth for a whi…
  • Sorry i forgot to mention the only difference here is that the puppy is in the same country as i am just in a different state but the head office for this agency in my country is in cameroon.
    Anyway if anyone knows the details of that number i…
  • Hi, im not sure if ive been scammed or not.
    I placed an ad in my local online newspaper asking for a puppy free to good home.
    A lady emailed me saying she had a puppy needing a good home.
    We communicated back & forth for a few …