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  • Hi Wren, Kenya is a safe destination. The elections were held a week ago, official results were announced on Saturday, and there is peace and calm. As TropicalValley said, following what happened in 2007/2008, the police and other organizations have…
  • wow!That is a good deal.
    All the best in your search for travel companions.

    Share with us how the trip goes.
  • hi pd_design,

    Here is some information that will be helpful.
    1) The visa depends on what country you come from
    2) Zanzibar is generally safe
    3) You can engange in excursions and treks as well.
    4) Zanzibar is quit…
  • The value of the Kenya shilling is much higher than that of Tanzania. It is advisable to excahnge in forex beaureus in town before leaving the country so that you have enough to use in Tanzania and for Kenya as well when you come back. I realised th…
  • Apart from what has been mentioned above, you can also visit Oloolua nature trail, Bombas of Kenya, Lang'ata Botanical garden,Karura forest or take a hike up Nong Hills.
  • No you dont have to use a tour operator,it is up to you to decide.
    It is however advisable because the tour operator does the ground work for you so that you do not come to unknown place with no one to guide you or help you, but this does not …
  • You are welcome Kami.
    I hope that you will enjoy your trip.

    Eithan,are you coming as well?

    Karibu Kenya(Welcome to Kenya) in advance!
  • hi,
    Which part of Kenya are you travelling to? Kenya is generally safe,apart from specific areaas that are under constant turmoil,and that is mostly in the North Eastern part.

    The Kenyan weather is never general,it depends on the…