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  • There are stories all over this site about people who have been scammed by others. I hope you heal in a timely manner, and I really hope you have learned a valuable lesson. If you have, it was worth the loss of money. Be good to yourself.
  • DUPED5272, Please know that my true intention was to let you know in private. You have NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER to defend yourself on this site. You have done NOTHING wrong. Nothing. Is it you who is trying to contact me through email? I have not …
  • I do hide my name. However, I am being honest when I tell you that I have not hidden behind MANY screen names on THIS site, as you have. I did not respond to the email that you wrote to me last night because I am not stuck to the computer at all…
  • Dear Mashall Birmingham or Mrs. I, (depending on what name you choose to use.) I want you to understand that I did not slander you, or your husband on this website. I simply asked for DUPED5272 to email me so that I could give her the infomation …
  • DUPED5272 = A woman who has been with Austin. letsbehonest and Duped5272 = Austins wife, obviously.
  • DUPED5272 -- Please contact me at I have some VERY important information, for you. I can not stress to you how important this information is to you. Lisa