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  • Jayne your apology is weak, especially since I seen you changed the wording about the link on your FB page to something vague about Nigeria scamming when your name is all over the emails. I have copied them all and the first FB page you put about …
  • I wrote of Jayne and Mary Ellen's character to put question to the believability of their facebook page and linking it to this page. The only 2 I am concerned about are the woman hurt by Austin, Duped and I'm so hurt. I would not of talked with you…
  • I said I contacted someone with the
    District Attorney office...she works for them, but thanks for informing me of their office hours. Since you hide your name, who knows what supposedly valid info you have. I contacted you twice yesterday a…
  • You accuse me and my husband of having HIV with no LEGAL DOCUMENTATION. I have already spoken to someone who works for the District Attornies office about this. The legal definition is slander and it is a punishable crime. I have not made any acc…
  • Thank you 2 my 2 friends who supported me here. I am Austin's wife. Only those two woman know me. I am a college educated woman trained in detection of mental illness and substance abuse, maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout college. I love my family…
  • There is a series of comments started with the username