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  • For the Records!
    I hate nobody, i am no hater, nor a racism, i don't discriminate... i cherish family values and moral values. i won't insult pple, but if they do that to me, am gonna throw the stone back at them and even worse! if possible.
  • @ mely,
    Am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! you cut the picture of a True strong woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beside all the passions you felt for him! aside all the temptation.......but you yielded to that tiny shred of reasoning..... am proud of you girl!…
  • @ Guest reply to my post!
    you're the hater you're delusion, Well you are also an ignorant bitch!!!!!!!!!! Cos you're so full of hate and love no one! You're also careless, i doubt if you'll ever make a good wife or mother....Lol. Better make…
  • @ Guest ! this is jimlas
    Why are u barking like a sick Dog? why dont you use your sign up status so that i'll know whom am dealing with you bitch!!!!! yes! You're a BITCH!
    you deserve what you got! why go about sleeping with other pples …
  • But knowingly having unprotected sex when you are aware you have a disease and not informing the other party is horrifying.
    Tlew in reference to the above statement you made, WHAT about the women too? didn't they knowingly have unprotected sex…
  • wow T Lew!
    I don't hate anybody. But am just angered by what these women have done, then turn around to cast blames! the first steps to their healing is to accept they are cheap sluts! YES! cheap slut! i mean am a woman too, but even if the m…
  • well mark,
    i also have a client who is interested in travelling to Belarus, can you also help with info about getting the visa?
    send respond here or to my mail: [email protected]

  • concerning the women that had been scammed by Austin!

    Well am sorry, you deserved what you got!!!!!!!!!!!yeah! you heard me right you deserve what ever you got from him: HIV, STD, GONORRHEAL, SYPHILIS, etc.
    where were you…
  • sorry for the Victims about your lose!

    But here is a word of warning! just as its true that all Terrorist have been Muslims, but not all Muslims are Terrorist , can be applied to this topic of scam in Lagos.
    well maybe all the con…