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  • I work with many couples planning their honeymoons.
    I agree research is a good idea for the detination(s) you decide to choose.
    A point I would make is bear in mind Europe, particularly the more northern countries will be well into autum…
  • You can use Euros, sterling or USD in most resorts as well as the usual credit card.
    Most items are costed in US dollars
  • Conservative dress would be covered shoulders and no low cut tops, no shorts or short skirts above the knee. The tour operator transfers are usually fine they use local drivers but are accompanied by local agents of the tour company. Hope that is he…
  • Good Evening Wildrose, Visitors with Irish Republican passports are able to stay without a visa for up to 90 days in Hong Kong. However it should be noted that your passports must have at least 6 months validity left after your departure from Hong K…
  • Good Evening, The Association of British Travel agents has issued this information today which I felt may calm your worries. Travelling to Cuba is not currently a problem. ABTA has issued a list of questions and answers designed to help agents pro…
  • Good Afternoon Antina, I have some figures for July temperatures averae day temp is 31 degree centigrade, 6 hours of sunshine per day and 4 inches of rain during the month. Much the same for August. Hope that is helpful, regards, Philip
  • Good Afternoon, It is a very general question. Where in the country are you intending to visit? To give you an idea Bali has approx 150 centimetres of rain annually. Dry months july to Sept. Wettest months December to February. However in Sumatera t…
  • Good afternoon Nicole, I can not give you a definite answer but suggest you look at this website which may be a helpful place to start. www.expat.silvert.org/ Hope this is helpful. Kind regards Philip
  • I have several companies that I can arrange riding safari or time on a working ranch. 4 companies to look at : www.inthesaddle.com www.equineadventures.co.uk www.rideworldwide.com or www.americanroundup.com Hope this helps, regards Philip
  • Yes you will require a tourist visa. You will need to contact the nearest Tunisian Embassy as this visa needs to be arranged prior to arrival.
  • You will require a tourist visa. Full details available from Tunisian Visa Section 29 Prince's Gate London SW7 1QG Tel. 0207 584 8117. Also see: Tunisia Visa Requirements.
  • Nissi Beach is about two miles west of your hotel. Buses runs regularly along the Main Road to nearby resorts. Buses are cheap,and taxis are readily available and not too expensive. I would say that the cost of living, due to the poor performance of…
  • I would suggest taking Sterling or Euros and try the bank at the airport usually gives a slightly higher exchange rate than in town.
  • I would recommend finding accommodation on Poseidon Avenue as the place to stay. It is a level walk from the harbour and on the main bus route. There are several bars, shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. The properties around the …
  • Us citizens can stay without a visa for either tourist or business purposes for a maximum of 90 days. I suggest you contact the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration at the website www.utl.is Hope this is helpful.
  • Virgin Blue or Qantas and Air New Zealand all do services from mostly East Coast Australia to Auckland or Christchurch daily and booked early enough you can get some good fares. Flights are about 3 and a half hours in duration. So very possible for …
  • There are many airline partnership such as the Star Alliance , British Airways and Qantas, and Virgin Atlantic ,Air NewZealand combining with Singapore Airlines offering Round the World Fares for up to 12 months travel. There are many conditions b…
  • Malta is a Country which is covered by the Schengen agreement
  • 4 hour drive from San Francisco is lake Tahoe, with a good selection of accommodation. Or Mammoth is a five hour drive from Los Angeles.
  • At todays rate of exchange 1 US Dollar = 84.05 Cape Verde Escudos
  • They drive on the left hand side. A National driving licence is required but an international driving permit is recommended. I am unsure what a temporary South African passport is. However all passportss must be valid at least six months after the a…
  • As far as I know that area of the Caribbean is Neotropic,tropical and subtropical conferous forests. Hope this is helpful.
  • The cyclone threat has dissipated and is no longer considered significant. With regard money to major credit cards and travellers cheques are widely accepted. The banks at the airport open to coincide with arrivals and departures of international fl…