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Roads to Roam


Roads to Roam
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  • I am amazed at the negative comments about SA on this forum - the only consolation is that it seems to be all the people that have left SA already. Good riddance I say, it leaves SA with positive, friendly, welcoming, vibrant citizens - the World Cu…
  • Never heard of Kayamida either? there is Kayamina in Gauteng? In the Gauteng area, cold and dry - lots of warm clothes but layers, you may want to take off a jacket or two at noon! Welcome to SA!
  • Hi Footloose, if you've not been yet - SA is great. I am single and travel SA and neighbouring countries on my own all the time. Be aware of the risks (there are areas in your own country that people will not dare go into!) - e.g. don't go into Sowe…
  • Hi Sarel, I presume you are South African? What kind of tourism company do you want to start? Inbound (i.e. international guests visiting SA) or outbound (SA citizens crossing borders into other countries). Make sure you (or the guides you use) have…
  • Agreed with all the comments above - Zimbabwe Vic falls is almost a country on its own, be aware of petty crime and theft, keep your eyes open but enjoy! The Falls are stunning and once a month with Full Moon they have a guided night walk - if you a…
  • Hi Steve, & Beyond has nice camps, it depends on your budget and luxury you require. You can self-drive with a rental vehicle and camp, or get charter flights and stay in luxury camps. The game viewing is stunning in the Okavango Delta (Moremi G…
  • Hi, you can usually buy visa's at the zambian border, but to be safe contact the zambian embassy in the UK (email address supplied) UNITED KINGDOM HIGH COMMSSION OF ZAMBIA ZAMBIA HOUSE, 2, PALACE GATE, KENSINGTON LONDON W8 5NG TEL: 0044 20…