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  • Hi Jslfire,

    You require a valid passport (at least 3 months) to travel to Kenya, therefore your wife will be able to travel to Kenya with the same passport, since its still valid for 3 months.

    Wishing her a safe journey.…
  • Hi Mktdeep,

    Yes, you can get a Kenyan visa on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. All you need is a valid passport and fee of US$ 50 (in cash us$). The process is normally fast.

    Karibu Kenya! (Welcome)
  • Yes, your dad needs to renew his passport before he travels. For him to be able to travel, the passport must be valid for atleast 3 months. Therefore he need to renew the same well in advance
  • Hi Ranjan,
    Yes, October/November are good months to view the migrating wildebeests from Kenya's Maasai Mara Game Reserve to Tanzania's Serengeti National Park. However the river crossing is always unpredictable and the spectacle of crocodile…
  • Hi Rolo,

    You need two major vaccines; a) Malaria and b) Yellow fever. Kindly consult your doctor atleast 3 months before your travel

    Nice journey!
  • Hi
    It is highly advisable to take the tablets as a precaution. I live in Nairobi - Kenya, but whenever I travel to the coast I must take the tablets as coast is more pron to malaria than Nairobi. Therefore for your own seek, plse take the t…
  • Hi Jan,
    Yes, a Taiwan passport holder can get a visa on arrival at the airport. Also at Isebania border

    Enjoy your stay in Kenya!
    in Kenya Visa Comment by Bernard June 2011
  • Hi Glasgow,
    Yes, you can get a Kenya visa with either a Canadian or Uk passport and both are good. Therefore you can choose any

    Hi Guest,
    Yes, you will get an entry visa, but you might be expected to prove that your over…
  • Hi Sheric,

    I joined this forum yesterday and have noted your request. Have you been assisted? If not, and based on the information provided I would suggest you travel in November, since its a mid/shoulder season and both park fees an…