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  • Hello all
    I am being romance by Richard Friends ID is [email protected]
    He is on his way from Cyprus to Benin Republic, I told him how expensive the air fare would be and he ask me sweetly how I found that out, this one is much sharpe…
  • ok that is good
    I sent a mail at z
    I hope you get it if not I ll just have to risk it and put my addy here
    if you look a few pages back I did give one of the person's name and profile number on yahoo
    do I…
  • Broke, this is naive2 can you teach me to do the IP adress thing please I need to try and trace 2 people
    one says he is from the US but in Cyprus with his son
    Thank you did you see the site I posted yesterday, lots of pics in there too
  • I just found a site on the net with pictures of female and male scammers here is the link
    I wonder if we can add ours?
  • tomsickmsp
    Charleroi train station
    right by the airport
    take a direct train to brussels
    there are a few train station stop in Brussels do you know which you are going to?
    Gare du NOrd
    Gare du Sud
    Gare de mi…
  • Yahoo has some of them on there 2.
    What I wanted to do is maybe get a commun picassa name and post all the pics that we get from these men.
    Has anyone heard of the same scam from CYPRUS..? someone answered a profile I had on yahoo, no pi…
  • We ought to be able to create a web site were we could down load these pictures.
    At this time I believe there is a gentleman that will be asking for money in the near future he is also a widower, raising a 7 yr old son he comes from Macomber I…
  • winner
    I do not know but you can see the picture of the "gentleman" that communicated with me its posted in yahoo personal
    under :frankbill005
    category: 52 yrs old
    Location Victoria BC
    if you enter these in a search he…
  • Thank you for your reply Johnson,
    Frank did communicate on the telephonne, except for a few 3 pm calls the other calls were at very odd hours (6h30 am, 1 am, 4 am) not consistent with someone familliar in the same time zone. He even send me a …
  • Hey Samesong different words
    Why do you say they wouldn t e mail and that was a red flag?
    Frank e mailed all the time
    can you tell me what you mean?
  • I know what you mean Johnson, all we all want is to meet someone and love and be loved, I still have not got any news of Frank, so I take it that he decided I smelled a rat and he disappear, his profile is still in yahoo personal.
    Someone in h…
  • A stroke of faith took me to this site, shortly after communicating with a man going by the name of frankbill005, claims to be born in sweden and widowed about 3 years, has a son Jerry going to university learning Computer engineering. Frank has a c…