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  • Hi Lesley , Well I'll be back sooner that next year , I've found a bargain so will be visiting in October , I'm so excited to be coming over again so soon , really looking forward to it , I'm hoping it will still be warm enough to relax by the pool …
  • Hi Lesley , Yes you are very lucky to live there , I have definately fell in love with it , and will without a doubt be back next year , I am looking to come back again during Ramadam as we lived it then and thought it may not have been as busy beca…
  • Hi Lesley , I am new to this site and finding it quite hard to navigate around it , I think I read back in august when I was try to find information about Tunisia that you live there and have a great knowledge of the country , you are very blessed ,…
  • Hi Beata , I am very sorry fir this late reply , have only just got email saying there was a new reply to my question , Well we have been and conquered , we loved it so much are looking forward to going back next year , what can I say I was fretting…
  • Hi Beata , thank you for your reply , you have been very helpful , Tunisia looks a beautiful country , we are very excited to see this wonderful place and all the excursions aswell , I am aware that it is Ramadam when we will be there , have read so…