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  • I went to Egypt a few years ago, aslo in mid August for 2 weeks. It was hot, but managable relatively easily. I did a few sightseeing trips and it was fine.
  • oh I feel a bit jealous of all of you going to Tunisia soon. I love the country and if I could I would go there tommorrow again :) and although I don't live in Tunisia, I can say what Lesley says all the time, that Tunisia is a safe country. I was 3…
  • I went to Marrakech the previous week. we arranged to have a taxi driver to pick us up and het to the hotel. our man offers also tour guiding and we had a very good time going to the Atlas mountians, visiting a local market on the way as well as Ber…
  • you're much welcome. Hope you enjoy time in my native country. any questions about a country, customs etc- feel free to ask. if you need a car hire I can llet you know about a one I used. :)
  • Hi! I just found this Entry requirements (it's Beata here - I just created my account on this website). Entry Requirements - Passport validity You must hold a valid passport to enter Poland. For stays of up to three months your passport must b…