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Ana Irimia


Ana Irimia
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  • Not a very flattering description, I see. Where are you from ? I guess you are from Europe too, maybe a latin country, maybe even my country. All Czech Republic is a very civilized destination to travel too.
  • Hi, which city in Romania are you travelling from ? To Odessa, I would suggest a flight. However, we can provide any service in Ukraine, we have a local partner in Odessa. Please let me know the travel dates so I can give you rates. Kind regards, An…
  • Hi, Olivia. This is their website: http://www.mir-travel.com/ . If you want to know more about them, check with the Russian Ministry of Tourism or with Russian companies with offices in US, such as: http://www.russia-travel.com/ . It depends on what…
  • Hello; we are a Romanian agency but we sell Bulgaria too, so we could recommend you, out of our experience, the resort of Sinemoretz and hotel Bella Vista 4* (you may see some pictures here, on our website: http://www.holidays-partner.eu/Sejururi/bu…
  • Hello. You do not need a return ticket. Citizens of Australia coming to Romania for tourism purposes can stay up to 90 days as per the Romanian low. You do not need a return ticket but you may be asked for a proof that you have some services booked …