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  • Hi,

    I can only mirror the comments above. Before you plan any such trip always contact your doctor/travel clinic to ask their advice. They will look at the areas you plan to travel to and give you the most up to date information …
  • Hi Gabrielle,

    I completely agree with all the sentiments above, Africa is such an amazing place full of some many diverse countries but unfortunately tends to be bundled all to one category, normally as dangerous and intimidating. Remem…
  • I would definitely recommend visiting the elephant orphanage run by the David Sheldrick trust. This chairty was featured in the bbc programme 'elephant diaries' and does really great things for elephant conservation. If you arrive there in the morni…
  • Hi Suzie, I saw the Gorillas in Uganda last year so can explain a little about how it works in that part of the world! I was backpacking so didn't do the trip with a tour company as such. I finished an overland tour in Kenya and then travelled by bu…
  • Hi, even if you are travelling for a short time its very important that you consult your doctor about the Malaria risk in the area you plan to travel to. They are best placed to advise you on which medication you should take, and if Malaria tablets …
  • Both currencies are widely accepted across Tanzania, but your best bet when paying for items such as hotels is to pay in US Dollars. These are obviously much easier to obtain from home and any left over after your trip can be converted back to your …