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  • Rio is relatively warm all year round, however, Buenos Aires will not be warm in August - this is winter time - you will need a good jacket!!
  • Hi There,

    You really need to double check this with a Chilean Consulate or embassy (or even the Chilean government website), however from memory they require passports to be valid for 6 months after your intended DEPARTURE date from Ch…
  • Hi There,

    There are plenty of English speaking people in Arequipa - obviously your son hasn't managed to find any of them!
    If he goes to Giardino Travel (located at the front of "la Casa de mi Abuela" hotel) someone there will be…
  • Hi there - It will surprise you how touristy Peru is. If you stick to the "Gringo Trail" then as long as you exercise a normal amout of caution and don't go doing silly things like wandering around deserted streets at night then Peru is pretty safe,…
  • Hi, I have spent ALOT of time travelling though Chile both independantly and with groups.
    While Chile in general is a pretty safe place to travel, If you are travelling to more remote regions such as San Pedro de Atacama (especially with chil…
  • I have spent a lot of time in all South American countries, and Colombia is one of the most amazing. Yes they certainly have thier problems, and this is what the media will always love to draw attention to, but the fact that it is one of the most be…
  • Uruguay is safe and beautiful. Montevideo can be slightly dangerous if you do silly things like walk through deserted areas of the city at night, but apart from that Uruguay is like a big country town and the locals are incredibly friendly,
  • Hi There,

    The signature system is still the main system used for credit cards, this is also the case for Brazil and Argentina.

    There may be larger stores / hotels in Brazil and Argentina that have facilities to use the pi…
  • Hi James,

    You should be able to find a travel doctor somewhere near you. These doctor's specialize in innoculations and travel health, they will advise you exactly what you need for the areas that you are travelling to.
    There ar…
  • Hi Josie,

    You can buy the Cuzco tourist ticket from any of the sites at which it allows entry. There is also an office on Avenida del Sol which sells them, in the basement of the tourist office.
    There are quite a few different o…
  • Hi!

    I would recommend 3 weeks to see Peru, and then another 2 weeks to see bolivia and Northern Chile. This way you can travel from one end to the other and see eveything without messing around with flights up and down.
  • If you are on a cruise around full moon time, then you should be fine. There are not many mosquitos close to the full moon for some reason (don't ask me why!). I didn't even get one bite when I cruised down the amazon, and it was during the full moo…
  • Hi - The biggest factor that will effect the route you take will be the amount of rain that is / has fallen at this time. Some roads will be closed at this time, and although you may be able to get through via another route, there may be longer jour…
  • No they don't check, but if you are going to certain countries afterwards then you will probably be asked for it when you enter that country. Eg: Australia will need the certificate on arrival if you have been in South America within 6 days of landi…
  • You don't need one - just get a 90 day tourist visa at the border.
  • It will be warmer in Feb, but if you are planinng a trip accross the salt flats it will be really wet there and you probably won't be able to drive across it like you can in the dry season. It's still REALLY beautiful when it's wet though, although …
  • Hi Mat,
    No you can't do the Inca Trail independently, there are many restrictions on the trek now, and you need to get a permit (the company that you organize to do the trek through will arrange this for you), but be aware that permits sell o…