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  • From what I can tell your passport only needs to be valid for the intended period of stay in England.... See Word Travels Visa info for England I'm not sure what the policy is for United States citizens returning to the USA, so it might be worth ch…
  • Hi Andie

    A wedding in St Lucia is a great idea! There are so many wonderful tropical venues to enjoy your day.

    You'll need to be in St Lucia for at least 2 days prior to wedding and it's recommended that the Attorney Genera…
  • Hey Matthew

    YES! A trip to Belgium (and in particular Bruges) is a very good idea.
    Belgium is in fact a very popular tourist destination within Europe and a weekend in Bruges is common for many Europeans as it's right up there wi…
  • Troy,

    Beware of Internet scams. Many unsuspecting do-gooders have been conned in this way. The common trend among internet scammers is to cause victims to fall for them online and to then trick them into sending money abroad so they can…
  • Malaria, dengue fever and hepatitis occur in Haiti and travellers are recommended to take the necessary prophylactics.
    A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for those arriving from an infected country in Africa or the Americas and…
  • Hi Jasond

    The official currency is the Cuban Peso (CUP), divided into 100 centavos, but the 'tourist' currency is the Peso Convertible (CUC), which replaces the US Dollar as currency in tourist related establishments like hotels, restau…
  • Hi Rasheed

    That certainly is cutting it close but according to my research, your passport need only be valid for the period of stay.
    It is, however, advisable to check this with the Canadian embassy:

    High Commission…
  • Panama's dry season is from around mid-December to late March and is the best time to travel through the country.

    You can expect hot dry conditions travelling through the Panama Canal.
  • There's no easy way to say it - there has been an increase in crime against tourists over the past few years in Costa Rica.

    It is, however, mostly opportunistic theft of personal belongings with items such as passports and travel docum…
  • Hi Marg

    What nationality are you? This makes a lot of difference!
  • A passport is sufficient identification for US citizens.

    You can see more about your entry requirements here: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Cayman+Islands/Visa

    Happy travels!
  • Hi Liberty

    There are plenty of wonderful hotels in Mexico but obviously a lot depends on what part of the country you'd like to head to.

    You can find a listing of 5-star hotels with traveller reviews here: www.tripreport.c…
  • Hi Aidras

    It doesn't matter where your onward ticket is to, the fact that you have one is more important.
    Many countries insist that visitors hold a flight ticket out of their country which must be presented on arrival at immigrat…
  • Based on my research I have also found a lot of conflicting information.

    I think your best bet is to either call the station's office, (number in above post) or contact the Argentina Tourist Board either on +541143122232 or [email protected]
  • Koh Phi Phi is a fantastic island off the west coast of Thailand - Really beautiful, stunning turquoise waters, a slice of heaven! It's the smallest of Thailand's islands, so small in fact there are no cars, and it is by far the most beautiful islan…
  • Hi there
    The Train to the Clouds departs every Saturday from April to November. In summer the service remains suspended due to the rainy season. (Although it is possible to make eventual trips in summer under favourable climate conditions).
  • Hey Safa
    South African nationals must hold a passport valid for the period of intended stay, but no visa is needed for visits of up to three months.

    Have fun!
  • Galapagos Islands are dry with a steady year-round average temperature of 77ºF (25ºC).
    A yellow fever certificate is required from those arriving from infected areas, and is recommended for everyone entering Ecuador (Presumably leaving from Qu…
  • Hi Aimee
    Plugs are mainly the two, flat-pin type, though three-pin plugs are also widely used.
    European appliances without dual-voltage capabilities will require an adapter, which can be purchased in most major departure airports.
  • Since the outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil and Paraguay in January/February 2008, it is recommended that all visitors to Argentina including regions bordering these countries, including Iguazu Falls, be inoculated against yellow fever.
    A he…
  • It looks like your passport must just be valid on arrival, but obviously if you plan on leaving it'll need to be valid further down the line too! It's worth checking with the British Embassy in Santo Domingo +18094727111
  • As far as I know if you can get to Ushuaia in Argentina, you catch a boat to Antarctica. But that only happens between November and March and just crossing the Drake Passage takes at least two days. These trips can last up to 8 days in total.
  • You need a visa as well as a Passport (or a replacing document) which must be valid 3 months after day of arrival.

    You also need to hold onward tickets and all documents required for your next destination.
    A visa extension beyond …
  • Hi there
    You'll need a visa and it might be helpful to know that your passport must be valid for a period of at least 6 months on arrival.
    You can buy a tourist or business visa on arrival for a fee of BHD 5 and it will last for a maxim…
  • Hi Karina

    Certainly, there are two wine lodges meeting the criteria you set out:

    - Cavas Wine Lodge – Five star

    - Club Tapiz – Four star
  • Hi Gloria,

    African game viewing is quite logical really: the grass can be long in some areas after the rains; therefore, game viewing at these times can be difficult. In some areas, the wildlife will disperse during the rains due to the…
  • Hi Izette,

    Fuzhou has abundant hot springs, and good quality hot spring water is supplied at the bathrooms of many hotels. The other main sights can be seen in one day. Gushan is a big hill in the eastern suburbs. The Yongquan Shi Templ…
  • Hello Levonne,

    There are a number of suitable listings on this site:


    I hope this helps!
  • Hi Megan

    There's no hard and fast rule for booking a boat or ferry anywhere in South
    East Asia and the specific locations would have to be fleshed out. It would
    be extremely difficult for your client to co-ordinate ferries b…
  • Hi Kari
    I found the following useful information regarding marriage in Honduras:
    If you are NOT a Honduran citizen, you will be required the following documents:

    A valid passport
    A certified copy of your birth certi…